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How Much Do I Need For Retirement? Factors which May Help You Decide

If you are asking yourself, “How much do I need for retirement?” Sadly, there is really no definite way to calculate the amount needed. There may be programs which can help you get an approximate measurement at least. A few practical factors to consider can also guide you in deciding upon the capital necessary.

how much do i need for retirement

There are online guides which will make it easier for you to make an estimation of how much you are going to need when you retire. Most of such retirement calculation programs depend upon the same practical factors anyone can be able to make use of to measure retirement capital requirements.

80% Rule

One easy method suggested in an article for a financial plan page of a popular directory is the rule of thumb. Simply said, this technique claims that you will need at least 80% of what you are currently earning at of the moment for your retirement funds.  In other words, if you are earning $50,000 on a yearly average, you can assume that $40,000 annually will be required during your retirement years.

Most expenses are taken cared of once you do retire. They will be covered by social security, health insurance, pension plans, and other assets. You can also expect lesser taxes due to a lower income. Your children will also be independent by then. If you also have earnings, it will lessen potential expenses upon retirement. A debt free lifestyle can be predicted as well.

Other Expenses

The rule of thumb is of course too generalized to become accurate. People are expected to live longer under better circumstances. Unexpected expenditures such as those for travel and leisure including vacation and entertainment may be paid for to replace the typical retirement savings you get from fewer expenses due to reasons aforementioned above.

Retirement Money Calculator

A more widely used method to answer the famous question “How much do I need for retirement?” is utilized to find out more about possible expenditures when you retire. This strategy can be labelled as a retirement money calculator. It is based on detailed expenses every month and is recommended by most retirement experts.

Some of these expenses include your total monthly expenses as of the moment. It may include rental fees or mortgage (which can be eliminated in the list in case a real property for residence is considered for retirement age), utilities (water, electricity, etc.), transportation costs (vehicle gasoline), and others expenditures if you need to have them included.


Once estimated expenses are calculated, have the following deducted from retirement income which you are to expect when you retire. Mentioned under this category include social security, pension plans, health insurance, assets, and savings. Do not forget to add the impact of inflation. Always make an adjustment based on this factor.

Also, you must count the number of years you expect to retire. Most people tend to retire early nowadays without realizing that they have not earned enough to be able to retire already.

If you still wonder, “How much do I need for retirement?” May the factors mentioned above help you decide.

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