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The Art of Seduction for Dating

Seduction is an art and like most forms of art it is free flowing and spontaneous.  When you say seduction, a woman comes to mind because women are creatures with natural charm of seduction that is undeniably strong. Once she is able to harness the real strength of that power, then men are within her mercy.  For now, you are still trying to find out your real strength and you just need to let your imagination run wild – but not too wild! 

Fishing for a date is like fishing for real but what you are trying to catch with a fish line or hook is a nice man and perhaps a nice looking façade that would go with him wouldn’t be half as bad.  The moment you caught your “fish” with your alluring charm and set the “date” to take place, then it is time to try phase two of the art of seduction but don’t be the one to fall in his trap yet.

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What is dating?

Dating is the phase where you get to know each other better.  When seduction was mentioned in the beginning, it does not mean that you have to do a “strip tease” – that is not seducing, it is like saying “I’m desperate here”.  Make your natural charm work. You can entice him with your sultry voice and almost teasing gestures and not like you are going to attack him.  He will surely run away at lighting speed.  Seduce him with all your good qualities.  Be extra sweet without over doing it.  Most guys hate clingy gals.

While you are trying to make him interested in you, you should also be on the look out for things that you like about him – not merely physical beauty because it will surely fade away with time.  You are on a quest of finding a suitable partner whom you will spend the rest of your life with.  You must be clear with the reasons why you would like to date someone and find out as early as possible if that person has the same brain wave as you.  If he’s only doing it for fun  and you on the other hand is looking for a serious relationship, then no matter how you like him, you better drop him like a hot potato because the things you want to happen are doomed from the start.

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You must keep on seducing him with the sweet echo of your laughter, that twinkling innocent gaze, those inviting lips that will never leave his imagination, and so much more.  What’s important is to leave a certain impression or mark, not an embarrassing one, for him to always think of you until he can no longer contain himself and will literally fly to be by your side.  This is seduction in a very subtle way, the unsuspecting candidate (prey) does not even know what hit him and when he does, it’s too late to back out.

It may not work with all men but still, it could work with some men, what’s important is for you to learn something about him, whether you could click together or not.  While on a dating phase, you both will know certain things about each other and eventually arrive at certain favorable agreement like a relationship, engagement, or even marriage.

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