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7 Outrageous Things that You Should Not Bring to Camping

          Some people are just plain dumb or stupid, they do outrageous things because they thought it is okay to do so.  Camping is only fun if you bring the right tools, things, and even mindset.  You should not bring things that you do not really need and just add burden to your already very heavy loaded backpack.  What are these outrageous things that you should not bring to camping?

1. Make up kit. You do not need to bring the entire beauty enhancement products you own.  Just bring the basic essentials like lip gloss, face foundation, and skin lotion.  What you must not forget to bring are insect repellent cream or liquid solution and hygiene products. Leave perfumes at home. There are scents that attract animals and you do not want wild beast within your perimeters.

2. Latest fashion accessories. Camping is exciting but it is not the ideal spot to show off your latest fashion jewelry and accessories.  It might not attract thieves but surely the glitter it makes will attract attention from wild animals and it may expose you to potential harm and danger.

3. Large appliances. A friend of mine once brought a 24 inch LCD and a micro component to camping because he cannot fall asleep without these items.  While we enjoyed at one point in time during camping listening to music and viewing DVD’s, carrying these was very tiresome. 

4. Raw food and meat. Your scouting days taught you to bring only canned goods and ready to serve packaged meals when going camping.  While preparing natural food is healthy, it might pose some problems in terms of food preparation and necessity.  Being hungry in camping does not respect time.  You need to have ready to eat food when you feel like eating to give you energy to enjoy camping moments.  Like gooey and sweet food, raw food and meat do not only attract insects, they also attract animals as well.

5. Firecrackers and other highly explosive items. Going camping maybe a form of celebrating milestones in your life, but you do not need to emphasize it with firecrackers.  These are dangerous materials as these are fire hazards and you do not want the whole park or forest burned down because you light firecrackers to celebrate.

6. Detecting machines. Camping is a moment for you to enjoy nature’s wonders.  It is not an occasion for you to search for oil, gold, other treasures, and even UFO’s.  Not only are these items heavy, these are totally useless unless, of course, the aforementioned are really your intention on your camp trip.

7. Designer and haute couture clothing. The rule of the thumb when going camping is comfort.  Ensure that your get up is neither too small nor too large for you.  Fancy dresses will only add up to your camping woes.  You do not have social mob to appreciate what you wear.

Do you know any other outrageous items that you should not bring when going camping?  Share it then. 

Contributed by Alden Bula

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