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Why Married Couples Should Leave their Parents

why married couples should leave their parents
Buying a house is really expensive nowadays. That's why it's a challenge for married couples to move out of their parents' house. However it poses a lot of problems for both families and the world. In fact, the world will be a better place if married couples would just separate from their parents' house. There will be fewer things to worry and fight about. There will be more chances to actually focus on building your own family from scratch, thus, molding a stronger foundation for your unit. 

I wanna grow old with you

Getting to know each other as you grow together is an important passage in marriage. Although you might have been courting and dating and getting to know each other for years and years, living together as a married couple, is a whole new and entirely different level--ask anyone who is married. It is challenging enough to live with another person with a different set of characteristics and principles in life, imagine living with another family--whom you didn't grow up with. You'll have to adjust to each of their personalities and characteristics! 

You will find yourselves fighting about budget more often than you usually would if you lived by yourselves. You'll actually end up be providing for two families! And no matter how you try your best to stretch out your income, you won't really be able to save the amount you aim for because there are double expenses than there usually would.

Facing the giants

When you're on your own--away from your folk's place, you will enhance the skills. Problem solving skills, cooking skills, budgeting skills, and many more! Living with the parents can limit the development and enhancement of these skills because you'll not only have someone else to do chores for you, but you will also be afraid to explore and invent because of strong--usually unpleasant criticism from your in-laws.

Hard-working husbands will seem to not do enough when living with in-laws. There's this feeling of living in a small box that prevents the younger couple to move around. You'll also find less time and opportunity to express love especially around other people in the house. As a wed couple, there should be a lot of chances to display affection in the comfort of your home. Living with the folks will definitely limit that.

King and Queen of hearts

A home should and could only have one pair of leadership. If a married couple is living under the same roof as an older couple--most likely their parents, they will follow their rules and are not free to apply their own, even to their own children. Parenting issues are always a concern when growing a family. You'll always have a preference on what to say to your child when she gets hurt or when she does something bad. However, when living with the grandparents, you'll have less say when it comes to disciplining your own child.

A household will be confused if it has two kings or two queens. The house helps will surely be confused whom to obey. If the mother says save up on water and don't use the washing machine because the water bill is too high, and you say it's okay to use the washing machine because it's rainy season and I pay the bills anyway: wouldn't it be confusing for them?

There are relationship issues that only you and your spouse should know and deal with together. These little details about your arguments should no longer be heard, known and involved with by the in-laws. Indeed, disobeying God's laws can really cause us big problems. Simply obeying Him can really do wonders in our lives. He not only makes things easier for us by giving us an instruction manual for life but He also gave us hope that whatever hardship we are going through, when we come to Him for help, He is mighty to save. 

Contributed by Jehan Tandingan-Gesta

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