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5 Revelations Some Personal Trainers will not Reveal

          The number of people addicted to sweat is increasing every day.   Thus, more people are becoming interested on all ideas about personal training.  And more people wanted to become personal trainers because of the wide opportunities present in the field of health and fitness.  As a result, online sites offering personal training courses certificates are also mushrooming.  However, not everything is revealed. There are some secrets to uncover.
revelations personal trainers
Revelation Number 1:  Not all institutions are really teaching the right ideas and methods. 
          Some institutions that offer online courses but are not really serious about it. In fact, there are issues stating that they are not qualified to give online trainings and even allegations that their certificates can be acquired for a fee.  It is really unfortunate that there are institutions jumping on the bandwagon with malicious interest. 
Revelation Number 2:  Money is the ultimate goal by some personal trainers.
          There is nothing wrong with earning tons of money.  What is wrong is that one deliberately short changed clients by offering outdated ideas, by convincing clients to invest in scams, and by giving unsafe and dangerous fitness strategies such as recommending muscle enhancement products that contain steroids. 
Revelation Number 3:  Some fitness trainers are not fit to train people.
          It is important that personal training certification should include psychological test to determine if a trainer is really fit to handle people of different orientation.  Stories were documented on how one personal trainer encouraged clients to lift more weights repeatedly until the client fainted and stories on encouraging fat people to take questionable supplementary pills to lose weight quickly. When trainers do these, it is an indication that they do not have the patience to manage health and fitness activities for the benefit of the clients.  They wanted to impose their own pace of training instead of giving considerations to age, health, and other fitness conditions. 
Revelation Number 4:  Some of them are not worthy of your trust and confidence
          They do not only share your personal and vital information to other people and companies, but they also love to tell stories about you to other people. In other words, they gossip about you and even sow intrigues.  Thus, you have to be very careful with some of them as behind the warm smile, lies an enemy who can damage your reputation.
Revelation Number 5:  Some of them do not really enjoy what they do.
          While they teach you different kinds of routines to lose weight, their mind are actually wandering to something else. They are also busy daydreaming of leaving their jobs and working with famous people or transferring to gyms located in tropical locations, and others.  Thus, they do not have clear descriptions of the progress that you made. 
          It is not a guarantee that the personal training courses certificates that some personal trainers earned are credible.  And that, even if they have acquired skills, experiences, and knowledge on personal training, they are fit to train people.  Indeed, there are some embarrassing secrets that need to be revealed.

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