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Keeping the Mister Happy: 3 Main Why's

keep husband happyMarriage isn't all a bed of roses. We all know that by the evidence of the increasing rate of divorce, annulment, and domestic violence as well as the increasing number of people who no longer believe in marriage and don't want to be part of any of it. 

However, in our Christian society and culture, marriage is a celebration and declaration of love. That's probably why the LGBT want to experience it as well. It is something that all serious and committed relationships are expected to lead to. It's an acknowledgement by the church and the nation that you and your partner are bound for life.

Why? But take note, every individual should have internal joy -- a source of genuine happiness that will not depend on outer stimuli. That source should be God. When a person is happy inside, it is easy to be happy outside. And it will be easy to share that happiness to people he or she loves the most. But that's another article. 

I've observed a few old and new marriages, watched marriage videos, and read a number of marriage secrets. Since I got married, it has really dawned on me that keeping the marriage work is not enough. It is vital and crucial to keep the marriage happy. Here's three things why a wife needs to keep the husband happy. 

A happy husband is a hard working husband. If there are hardships, he will work harder for his love ones. You might say that as a husband, he should fulfill his responsibilities, but when a wife keeps him happy, he'll willingly fulfill his responsibilities and not grudgingly. He will dream and want better things for you and your family and work hard for it happily. 

A happy husband is a contented husband. It is also the wife's duty to make sure that the husband is content with the marriage so that he won't look around. Yes, he made a vow not to do so, but as a wife, you should make sure that he won't want someone or something else by filling his appetite with sumptuous meals, making him feel loved and appreciated and also giving respect to his manhood. 

A happy husband is a loving husband. When he is happy, a husband will show you love in his own way of expression. Again, yes, he made a vow to love you in sickness and health, for richer or poorer but you also made the same vow. So expressing love to him in a way he will appreciate and actually feel loved by you will also encourage him to show you how much he loves you. When a wife prioritizes her husband's happiness, he will most likely return the favor.

Marriage bounds two individuals into one flesh. Where the husband goes, the wife goes. What he feels, the wife feels. His happiness is her happiness. They move, feel, think as one person--together.

Contributed by Jehan Tandingan-Gesta

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