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Tagum City: Home of Binuhat Festival and 14 Other Festivals

Yes, you read it right; Tagum City celebrates 15 festivals annually with Binuhat Festival as the most unique in the entire country and maybe with the rest of the world. That’s one festival for you every month with some months having two festivals being held. However, Binuhat Festival is one of a kind. The word “binuhat” means creation in English. 

This festival is the only festival dedicated to the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Community (LGBT) in Mindanao.   Thus, the city gains several plus points with regards to gender sensitivity. 

The festival is a week-long celebration which is mainly participated by gays coming from different places in Mindanao.  Who else will be there but the gay community as it is a celebration recognizing the role they play in modern society? Gone were the days when being gay is an object of ridicule and morality. Gone were days when gay people hid their true colors for fear of being ostracized.  In this era of globalization where ideas cross borders easily, being gay is no longer an issue. 

Among the activities and competitions during the festival are as follows:

  • Mardi Gras Parada. As the name implies, it is a costume parade where frills and thrills rule the day.
  • Queen of The World. You do not need one whole day to figure that this is a pageant for gays.  This is not only a showcase for beauty and grace among the third sex but also a display of wit and humor. 
  • X-Trim Fun Gaymes is of course a sports adventure for gays.  This is to show that they might be gay but still a lot of them are stronger, mightier, and faster when compared with some men. 
  • Binuhat Got Talent is a talent show where talented gays sing, dance, perform acrobatics, and other extreme talents.
  • A Night of Fashion is where gay fashion designers are given the chance to show their fantastic creations and designs.
  • Gay: The Musicale – a presentation on different forms of music.
  • CharDance is a cheer dance competition
With so many activities, it is indeed one of the most anticipated festivals in Mindanao.  Gays from different places troop to Tagum City not only to show their talents, express their pride, but also to win prizes.   According to reports, prizes in different competitions are so rewarding that it is enough to feed one meal for a whole barangay. 

Tagum City is just an hour away from Davao City using a private vehicle.  

Contributed by Alden I. Bula who maintains two blogs: www.aldenbula.wordpress.com and www.denal.wordpress.com.

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