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More Effective Ideas for Modern Day Feminists: A Personal Reflection

Gender equality may have come a long way since women received the right to suffrage.  The level of playing field reached higher levels.  This time, leading voices in the movement are demanding more than equal rights in every fields of the society; they are asking for dismantling of cultures and traditions in establishments and institutions.  We are now in the second decade of the new millennium, yet feminists’ ideals are still unpopular and unacceptable to a large number of people, even among women.  Why is this so? 

          Apparently, there is a certain degree of intimidation involved.  The idea of women sharing equal rights and dominations among institutions will affect every aspect of our lives as a battle between the sexes.  It will be an issue of who can muster strength of support and win.  In addition, feminist players themselves, when they reach higher stature tend to extend personal bias and judgment over quality and integrity.  This is manifested in some events where female government leaders favored less capable women over superior skillful men. 

          With that, what should feminist leaders and followers do in order for their struggle to succeed and achieve their goals on gender equality?  Here are some ideas.

Enough of generalizations

The danger in generalizing men as monsters and rapists is not really a good idea.  How can you expect to gain support from men if there is a front line misconception against them?  This alone is enough for men to become wary and prepare for battle also.

Be open minded

I believe that feminist players are just too focused on their ideals and do not try to understand how their ideals will be immersed mainstream.  Rome was not built in one day.  Similarly, you cannot expect change to take effect suddenly.  You must remember that it takes a life cycle for some radical changes to take effect.  Later generations will reap the benefits of the movement and will continue to do so if they will protect it also in their own time.

Be realistic

The issue of men dominating politics, economics, business, and careers is childish.  You cannot undo what is already done.  What feminist’s leaders should do is to encourage women to pursue excellence, gain control of their lives, and explore possibilities to create a playing field where women can dominate and expand to other fields already dominated by men and where women are slowly gaining controls.

More work to be done

Changing current realities is not achieved through rallies, opinions, brainwashing, and analytical thinking.  Feminist movement leaders should teach other women that achieving gender equality should be done in action.  Words are not enough, this is why wars were created to extract change and convert words into actions. 

Behave accordingly

Women who had achieved enviable statuses in different fields should act and behave favorably to create an impression that it is alright to share domination with women. Female stereotyping about feminists can also be blamed to women themselves. They created their own set of rules, actions, and behaviors in order to be recognized as feminists and it does not augur well, where stereotyping is admonished. 

I know that these ideas are implemented consciously and subconsciously but a little reminder might do well. 

Contributed by Alden I. Bula who maintains two blogs: and

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