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Top 4 Impossible Conspiracy Theories

         Before we enumerate the unbelievable conspiracy theories, let us define what it is all about first.  In simplest definition, a conspiracy theory is an idea developed to denote a group of people and/or organization scheming jointly to create a particular order or scenario which is not known to the general population.  You can call this as doubtful proposition or supposition in order to justify or explain a particular situation or event that baffles mankind.  Actually, each one of us is guilty at some point in time of formulating our own doubtful proposition and supposition.  Regardless, while all conspiracy theories are unbelievable yet possible, there are some which are both unbelievable and is impossible. Here are some of these.

          The world is ruled by reptilian society and the Royals of England led the way in this area.  According to some conspiracy theorists, dinosaurs did not went into extinction because of a comet or asteroid dropping off into our planet and wiped out all of them but instead, dinosaurs were actually people from other planets warming up to the new environment and once done, shifted to human forms.  Thus, it explains why kings and queens of England are cold and heartless. Can you believe that?

          According to statistics, the chance of being killed in a plane crash is least probable when compared with accidents happening in the highways.  Thus, plane explosions on air and plane crashes are intentional.  The reason is that the plane has a very highly sensitive and confidential passenger and needs to be terminated. For believers of this conspiracy theory, before the plane takes off a lot of inspections are performed before it is allowed to take off.  On the other hand, the reasons why highway accidents are frequent is because some drivers do not inspect their cars first before traversing the highways.

          Another popular theory is that the Bible is not a holy book after all.  First, the idea that it was written by human with inspiration from God is not acceptable for conspiracy fanatics.  What they believe is that it is actually either a book foretelling events to happen or a scientific manual.  In the book “The Biblical Code,” it alleged that the book was a set of codes written by extra-terrestrials and already plotted the events that will happen in the history of mankind.  Let us read the Bible then and see if we can find an entry why each one of us is born in this planet.

          The latest conspiracy theory that made all affected individuals left behind by those who were killed during the 911 incident shaking their heads was that the US government was actually controlling those planes remotely.  The Bushes wanted war to happen in order to prosper their guns and ammunition business.  Osama Bin Laden was appointed as a partner because he used to work with the US intelligence group during the Afghanistan War. 

          Indeed, there are conspiracy theories that are dumb; thus, nobody is demanding an explanation as it does not deserve to be recognized nor be popular and acceptable unwittingly. 

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