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Experiment: a Wattpad Teen Romance Story

After reading countless Wattpad borne novels (although some are from Scribd or elsewhere), an experiment came to mind: writing a story with a similar theme on the site. So here goes my first ever attempt to hop into the bandwagon of teen romance stories over Wattpad, it’s called Japanese AV Star.

I know most stories are cliché, often with a shallow plot, and can be considered “gay” or “baduy” but what the heck, it’s all about the fun and entertainment. And I had so much fun writing the first few chapters of the story title above. I do hope I get to entertain readers through it as well.

It wasn’t technically the first non-fiction material I wrote because I had completed several short stories and poems in the past but this will hopefully be the first of full blown length. The primary story concept I thought about was different although it’s with a similar theme of romance and humor. Unfortunately, after 12 chapters and about 11,000 something words, it got unintentionally and unexplainably deleted on a Word doc in my computer. Also, the cover I requested from an artist friend is still not ready. I got frustrated but didn’t rewrite from the top. I’ll get back to it soon enough and edit the plot a little bit. For now, I started with the second concept instead.

So the title above is what I have so far. I didn’t hire an illustration artist anymore but I simply credited a photo of Sora Aoi from a certain website and added text through a free image editing site online. Ms. Aoi by the way is famous AV or adult video star in Japan and I was instantly inspired by her beauty (when she’s clothed, that is :) O_o so I got inspired to write the introductory chapters. I do hope you won’t misinterpret the story to be porn in nature though. It’s still safe to read for teens. I don’t intend to glorify porn stars either. The image was merely used as a cover.

So if you are on Wattpad (if not, it’s easy to create an account), please read Japanese AV Star and comment, vote, share, and add it to your library. Thanks! 
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