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Showing posts with label wattpad story. Show all posts

And the Local Wattpad Novels Fever is on!

6:00 PM 0
Wattpad borne novels are a hit nowadays that although a majority of readers are teens, even older readers like me can be instantly hooked ...

Experiment: a Wattpad Teen Romance Story

6:30 PM 0
After reading countless Wattpad borne novels (although some are from Scribd or elsewhere), an experiment came to mind: writing a story wit...

She’s not really a Sadist Lover

6:30 PM 0
Yes, she’s not really a Sadist Lover, that’s what I conclude after reading Aril Daine’s Wattpad original, now PSICOM published book. Alt...

A Love Story which Started with a Kiss in the Rain

6:30 PM 0
So, I’m back again with yet another cheesy, kinda “baduy” reading in this post. This time around, the book is all about a love story which...

It’s No Secret that Secretly Married is a Hit

7:00 PM 0
There are countless Wattpad borne novels springing like mushroom these days but when a novel in the site gets published such as through PS...

A Story within a Story for the Epilogue of Diary ng Panget

6:30 PM 69
Finally! I have the complete 4 volumes of Diary ng Panget! And the epilogue for the story is a surprising story within a story twist. ...

A Royal Review of Campus Royalties by Purpleyhan

6:30 PM 0
Here’s another PSICOM published Wattpad inspired book worth reading for those of us who can relate to light, romantic, although somewhat c...
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