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Tata Badong Ken Kuarog

Ever watched Ilocano movies? You’d definitely enjoy watching Tata Badong Ken Kuarog! This hilarious father and son duo’s antics are very entertaining and you’ll appreciate watching their short films whether you speak the Ilocano dialect or not.

Bus Movie Marathon

On board a Partas bus going home after a short tour of Vigan, I’ve chanced upon several films played over the bus’ video player. All of them are interesting enough. Final Destination 5 was one, something I haven’t watched yet although I’ve seen all other Final Destination movies beforehand. I just grew tired of the same synopsis every time. There was also a low budget flick called A Cadaver Christmas which destroyed the essence of the holiday season through its Christmas turned zombie Halloween story. I’ve seen Adrien Brody as well in Splice, a sci-fi horror movie about a genetically engineered specimen created by splicing selected animal genes and incorporating it with human DNA. I didn’t get to finish it though.

What’s up with all the horror flicks in the bus? Is it Halloween already? :>

from Siga Ken Taktor, Kuarog looks like Empoy
But of all the movies I’ve seen aboard the bus, amidst the urge to puke, I love Tata Badong Ken Kuarog the most! Just hearing the characters speak in the local vernacular is already amusing. I’m not too versed in the Ilocano tongue so I’ve learned new words through context clues. One of which include “kaparagpag” which refers to a man’s female partner in life. It’s similar to a woman being referred to as the supposed Biblical rib of Adam from where Eve was originally created from.

Other than the hilarious way of infusing Ilocano, I also enjoyed the character’s Boy Banat like pick up lines and misadventures too. Even the other characters such as the modern social network savvy ermitanyo or hermit (who has a Facebook account and website :) are comical.

My interest in the short film led me to search for it online. Apparently, there are several movies starring this duo and the one we saw aboard the bus was just one of the episodes. I assume it’s the latest since online chat and Facebook had been referenced in several comic dialogues throughout the movie. 


The movie revolves around Kuarog’s quest for the love of his life. He had attempted to pursue several women but was refused each time. His dad, tatang Badong then offered help after his son tried to comically commit suicide. And so they journeyed through hills and waters in search for Kuarog’s “kaparagpag.” Their travels led to nothing but trouble, the funny kind that is. In the end, Kuarog discovered that he actually had a complete set of ribs and nothing is missing. Hence, he is supposedly destined to be alone as there isn’t any missing rib or kaparagpag for him.

Watch it Online

Watch Tata Badong Ken Kuarog by searching it through YouTube. You may also drop by Abatan Records on Facebook; it’s the local production company responsible for the film. 

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