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Urdaneta Sacred Heart Hospital for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

If there’s anyone in your family who needs physical therapy and rehabilitation, it’s never something to be jubilant about. Nevertheless, despite struggling, what matters most is that you’re thriving amidst struggles and are constantly surviving.

Urdaneta Sacred Heart Hospital for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

In Urdaneta City, Pangasinan and nearby locations, there is a physical therapy and rehabilitation center which is highly suggested by many, particularly physicians responsible for patients who have suffered from stroke and other physically debilitating diseases. Even if your patient wasn’t admitted in Urdaneta Sacred Heart Hospital, your doctor will most likely recommend this hospital for its therapy and rehabilitation services.

Sessions per Week and Recovery

Depending on your family member’s condition, therapeutic sessions prescribed will normally be twice a week and even more. The effect is not instantaneous though as you will only see results in weeks or months time. The patient’s personal will to survive (psychological) will also greatly affect his or her chances to physically improve.

Session Duration and Cost

A session will cost Php400 and will last for about an hour. You may also book for a home service at Php500.

Contact Information

Urdaneta Sacred Heart Hospital is located in San Vicente, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan with phone number (075) 624-2296/98. 

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