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Trip to Vigan DIY Style

Our one day trip to Vigan lasted for 16 hours with only 4 hours spent roaming around and the rest while commuting aboard a bus back and forth from Pangasinan to Vigan. You too can experience touring Vigan or at least a few popular places ala do-it-yourself style.

Drive or Commute?

The journey is very exhausting so driving isn’t recommended unless a few of you can interchange taking control of the wheels throughout the 8 hours drive from Manila. It’s actually longer depending on traffic, road condition, travel stops, and others. But you will appreciate each stop if you have several days to spare stopping by various locations on the way including Gerona Tarlac for the Isdaan Floating Restaurant, Manaoag Church in Pangasinan, surfing beaches of San Juan, La Union, among others.

In case you’re commuting, expect about 10 arduous hours on bus which depends on the factors stated above. Some of the bus lines you board include Florida, Partas, and Viron. There are buses which specifically have stations in Vigan but you can also hop aboard Laoag City bound buses because they will pass by Vigan.

You may also employ cutting trip technique and get onboard buses bound for other locations like Bangued, Abra. Just pay until San Fernando, La Union and transfer to a different bus afterwards. It may turn out more tiring but will save you time if you actually cut trip several times, paying for fare only until bus meal stop stations like Dau, Mabalacat, Sison in Pangasinan, Agoo or San Fernando in La Union and transferring to the first bus which will leave the station stops. This way, you won’t have to idle time waiting till your bus leaves. Have a pee break at least though before hopping to another bus. :D


Round trip bus fare is almost Php800 pesos from Pangasinan to Vigan for one person. Expect double if you're coming from Manila. This doesn't include tricycle fare and money you will shell out once you're in Vigan. No one can resist food trips and souvenirs of course. :) 

Scenic Scenery

Check out the map and you will notice that most of the roads you will traverse, particularly once you reach La Union, are literally along the edge of the map. So you’ll see nothing but what I’d like to call scenic scenery with hills and mountains on your right and waters on your left. Even Quirino Bridge, the landmark marking the fact that you’re approaching Vigan, offers a breathtaking view. 

What to Expect in Vigan

Once you’re in Vigan, some of the places you can visit include Baluarte as well as old Vigan houses in Calle Crisologo and nearby streets.

old Vigan houses

Don’t forget to bring home thome souvenirs including local delicacies, photos, and memories too. 


  1. Where in Pangasinan can I take a bus to Vigan?

  2. If you are in Manila, you can board bus companies which travel to the north and will pass by Vigan.


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