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The Voice of the Philippines Battle Round 5

No doubt that all eyes are on Gilas Pilipinas as everyone is still hyped that the Philippines won against South Korea last night and finally made it for the qualifying round of FIBA Asia after three decades long despite losing to Iran tonight. But here’s a little commercial break from a Gilas Pilipinas flooded Facebook wall: The Voice of the Philippines Battle Round 5 results.

The Voice of the Philippines
from The Voice Ph Official Site

Maki Ricafort vs. Hans Dimayuga
Maki wins
Maki, who had sessions playing for Southborder, is performing as a singer this time.

Team Apl
Emmanuelle Vera vs. Jessica Reynoso
Jessica won
And so goes another “I knew it!” moment. Emmanuelle is pretty but Jessica possesses a stunning black beauty look.

Team Bamboo
Denise Sagun vs. Talia Reyes
Talia wins
None of them stood out but the coach still has to pick between the two right?

Team Lea
Rainier Acosta vs. RJ Dela Fuente vs. Juvie Pelos
RJ wins
Now that is an unbiased choice! Too bad, we say goodbye to Kundiman singer Juvie.

Drop by this page to see who are still in and who are already out - . Artists in black and white have been eliminated while those in color have been either retained or have not performed for the battle rounds yet.

One more round to go before the live shows begin! 

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