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The Innocent Man on GMA 7

Amidst heavy downpour of rain and strong winds coming from typhoon Labuyo, The Innocent Man on GMA7 is something I won’t miss during weekdays. 

The Innocent Man on GMA 7
Innocent Man poster from KBS2
Why? This Korean drama has the makings of a show that will take television by storm: love, hate, betrayal, revenge, and justice. It reminded of that 2009 Kdrama hit Green Rose. This one’s shorter though and was only shown in KBS2 from September to November 2012. Naturally, I already know what happens, particularly the concluding episode, but as always, I enjoy watching a Filipino dubbed version.

The Innocent Man has a slight similarity to the previous show Padam Padam where the hero was also penalized behind bars for a crime he did not commit. Padam Padam, however, came and went as if unnoticed because it’s not as memorable as the program it replaced, Queen and I.

Going back to the Innocent Man, the hero Kang Maru took the fall for his then girlfriend Janelle Han when she murdered someone. What he got instead in exchange for going to jail and dropping out of medical school was betrayal. She became a mistress for a rich man who incidentally is Megan Seo’s father. Megan will become Maru’s new found love. How Maru finally becomes vindicated from injustice and learns to love again will all be revealed in the succeeding episodes.

Watch it on GMA7 from Monday to Thursday after My Husband’s Lover

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