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The Voice of the Philippines Battles Round 4 Results

 Its round 4 of The Voice of the Philippines and the results are in!

The Voice of the Philippines
from Yahoo! OMG

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Team Bamboo
Isabella Fabregas vs. Angelica Prado
Isabella wins
Angelica sounded better but marketability wise, Ms. Fabregas, the pastor’s daughter has an edge.

Team Apl
Lance Fabros vs. Janice Javier
Janice wins the battle
Janice is undoubtedly the stronger contender and she will be an inspiration for plus size women trying to prove a point against discrimination

Team Lea
MJ Podolig vs. Darryl Shy
Darryl wins
MJ still sounded more remarkably better even if he took the risk of incorporating his own arrangement. Darryl won’t last long enough during the live shows for sure. His sound isn’t the type every Juan or Juana will vote for.

Team Sarah
Eva Delos Santos vs. Michaellen Temporada
Eva wins
Both of them have powerful voices so was it a mistake that they were paired when both have high ranging voices? Maybe not. Michaellen is more contemporary and I believe he should have been selected instead. 

It’s noteworthy to mention that during the auditions, some judges were too hesitant to push the red button even for good singers yet their chairs easily turn for the “pwede na” sounding voices. Now, contestants who fell prey to this type of blunder suffered. It’s as if they were given a taste of heaven for one moment, only to be roused from that dream too soon.

Round 5 is coming up tomorrow night.  

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