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Max Restaurant Review

Like many popular restaurants, Max boasts of its distinct chicken recipe which dates back during the post World War 2 era. It’s a dish you should try from Max’s menu whichever branch you are to visit. But in this post, the review is specifically on the SM Rosales Pangasinan branch.

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Food and Drinks

They’re chicken is certainly something you should order if you’d like to try something different from the usual fast food type of chicken. As for prices, it’s not as affordable as popular fast food stores but you can definitely feed two in no more than Php 500.


Max Restaurant

You’d appreciate the historic pictures and clips on the wall. Chairs and tables are very homely and the overall spacing is not congested. This branch is not as spacious as other branches though.


Since they’re technically not classified under the fast food chain category, don’t expect your food to be served right away. You may have to wait for 5-15 minutes. Not all items listed on the menu are available either most especially certain seafood (crab) which may be offered seasonally only. But overall, service is great and every crew member will attend to your needs immediately and with a smile.

Website and Facebook

Find out more information about Max’s Restaurant including menu, store locations, careers, franchising, etc. through their website and Facebook fan page

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