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Rai Rai Ken Restaurant Review

rai rai kenIf you’re hungry for Japanese cuisine, then Rai Rai Ken is an ideal restaurant to satisfy your taste buds at prices well within your budget.


Rai Rai Ken primarily offers Ramen (Japanese noodles) but also serves other dishes including bento (complete rice with meat or seafood meal), furai, tempura, sushi, maki, and sashimi to name some of the dishes included in their menu.

Any of the bento options offer satisfying meals enough to feed any hungry Juan or Juana. Sushi and maki rolls can similarly work as a full meal. Ramen on the other hand can definitely warm you up most especially since it’s starting to rain these days now. Make it warmer with chili oil on the sides. As for sashimi, it’s perfect as a side dish with or without a kick from a drink. You can pair it with wasabi instead.


This specific Rai Rai Ken branch only features a minimal space but its interior definitely makes up for what it lacks through inviting chairs and tables with decorative walls.


There are only a few members of the staff but everyone attends to your needs immediately, even the store’s security personnel.

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For more information about Rai Rai Ken including the complete menu, store locations, franchising opportunities, Facebook page URL, and etc., visit their website RaiRaiKen.com.ph. 

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