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LET 2013 Secondary Education Level Topnotcher Percival Byron S. Bueser on Inquirer

2013 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) topnotcher for the secondary level Percival Byron S. Bueser deserves the spotlight. I haven’t met him personally yet but I had the privilege to exchange several messages, wall and forum posts through as well as hear his voice over the phone through his girlfriend Era. We all became of acquaintance due to the freelance writing site

Although I am no longer active in the site, I remember Percy aka “Cereal Boy” through his witty comments and ideas. He had also been designated as one of the blue writers, the elite group in the community of writers at Eph. He’s a smart math whiz kid who juggles time between excelling in school, writing for EPh, and tutoring on a part-time basis; not to mention time for his family, friends, and ehem… girlfriend. I can compare him to Rancho of the 3 Idiots movie for his wit and innovation against anything traditional yet ineffective methods, education wise and otherwise. recently featured Percy. You can read the article and get to know him more through the interview here - Passion for math shows the way for this LET topnotcher.

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