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Showing posts with label Education. Show all posts

SM College Scholarship Program Opens Online Application for SY 2018-2019

2:20 PM 0
SM College Scholarship Program SM Foundation , the advocacy arm of the SM Group of companies, is now accepting applications for...

Lamudi Philippines Names First Ever Academic Scholars

5:19 PM 0
To support academic excellence, global property portal Lamudi Philippines launched a scholarship program for deserving Filipino college st...

Lamudi Launches Undergraduate Scholarship Program

6:07 PM 0
Global real estate website’s scholarship program aims to help exemplary Filipino college students Online real estate platform  Lamudi P...

Should Kids Drain their Parents' Funds?

5:37 PM 0
Raising a child is tied with many challenges, financial ones being among the biggest. Although the costs of parenthood have increased, hou...

Do Texting and “Cyber Slang” Harm Students’ Writing Skills?

1:17 AM 0
Introduction Texting has become part of our daily communication routines, from simple Hello’s to lengthy messages and chats. In an era ...

Does the Kumon Method Really Work?

4:09 PM 0
The Kumon Method is based on individualized learning method where a student can learn Math and Reading in his or her own pace. It was deve...

Top 4 Famous People Born on September 26 and their Historical Significance

7:03 PM 0
          Not many people know the historical significance of the date September 26.  In the seventeenth century of the same date, Thoma...
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