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2013 U.P. College of Law Valedictorian Arianne Cerezo

2013 U.P. College of Law Valedictorian

Aside from Percival Byron Bueser, Licensure Examination for Teachers 2013 topnotcher for the secondary level, here’s another congratulatory post for yet another topnotcher, 2013 U.P. College of Law valedictorian Arianne Cerezo. She is a sibling of Alex Cerezo from Audiolokal (see screenshot of Facebook status).

My excuses if I don’t have much to say. I believe I only saw her once. It was during her grandmother’s (my mother’s older sister) wake years ago. But borne out of parents who are both law practitioners (God grant her father eternal peace), it is no wonder that she excelled in the same field. Congratulations! 

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