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A Review of Isdaan Floating Restaurant at Gerona, Tarlac

After a road trip looking for affordable Christmas parol in Gerona, Tarlac, you can actually consider dropping by the Isdaan floating restaurant for dinner although the place looks livelier during daytime. But since we chanced upon it during the night, let me write a review based on what I was able to see that time. Good thing we weren’t that hungry yet so the first thing we did is to roam around the place, take pictures, and try various features or amenities.

What You Shouldn’t Miss

One of the features offered which you shouldn’t miss include Taksyapo! It’s a local word among Kapampangans (local tongue spoken in a majority of the areas in Tarlac and Pampanga) which is synonymous with the expression “bwisit!” in Tagalog. This area (found on the left side from the entrance) is then designated for everyone who wants to vent out their anger. You can do so by purchasing plates, glasses, saucers, cups, and even television sets (which are the most expensive) and throwing them at marked areas of the wall. The aim is to target marks where you are specifically angry at. Some of which include in-laws, significant others like boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife cheating etc., employers, fellow employees, gossipers, enemies, and so much more. When it was my turn, although I was actually angry at something, I didn’t even vent out. I was actually ecstatic and excited hitting the wall with cups and saucers.

Aside from the Taksyapo wall, you can also get wet at the monkey fountain. You’d be running after the waters or it can be vice-versa. I missed the chance to try this though because I had no extra change of clothes. Near the entrance, you can also be up close and personal with a school of fishes from the koi variety. I had the liberty to take photos of them biting my fingers dipped in the water as if they were hungry for food.

Also, if you’re not tired or hungry, you should walk around from the entrance till the end of the floating restaurant premises from all ends. We did and we discovered that the place just keeps on being extended. In fact, a pool is currently under construction at the southern end close to the giant Buddha statue. Well anyway, there are all too many giant Buddha statues everywhere you look. But the most elevated one close to the south and mid area can be reached through a set of stairs. Beside this specific Buddha statue is a bell which you must ring after touching the palm of the statue and making a wish. By doing these, your wish will be granted supposedly.

If you’re into photography or simply want to take pictures, don’t miss everything else aside from all the gigantic Buddha statues. Some of which include life sized statues of Disney characters, super heroes, and more. There is also a manmade lake by the south end. Of course, check out all restaurants all over the area. I thought the entire Isdaan is just one restaurant but it’s not. It’s comprised of numerous restaurants found in one place. You’ll even find popular names in the food business including Barrio Fiesta among the restaurants inside Isdaan. All of them of course are floating amidst waters. If you’re worried about your safety, you can rest assured that the entire area is relatively safe and is not completely floating. There are concrete parts.

Food and Ambiance

We chose one of the restaurants close to the entrance. They serve guests through private sheds which can accommodate as many as 10 people. I wasn’t feeling well and had a heavy stomach at that time so I didn’t really get to enjoy the food. But based on what is offered in the menu, it’s nothing different from other seafood restaurants I’ve tried such as Matutina in Urdaneta City. Even the prices are quite similar although I can only speak for the actual restaurant we’ve tried yet there are several other restos within Isdaan.

As for the ambiance, it is to die for. Aside from enjoying the fact that you’re seated atop a floating shed or so, you will enjoy the overall festive mood. At that time we visited the place, they were celebrating their own Maskara festival. Dancers were all over the area dancing and frolicking everywhere they go. Don’t miss the circus people and their acrobatic stunts too. You’ll find some walking through elongated bamboo legs, juggling, and clowning around. We also got the chance to be serenaded by an acoustic trio.


Overall, I’d give a rating of 10 for the Isdaan floating restaurant of Gerona, Tarlac. 

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