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Affordable Christmas Parol at Gerona, Tarlac

If you still don’t have any Christmas parol yet or you’re planning to get one, drive over to Gerona, Tarlac if it’s close to you and bring home any of the affordable Christmas lanterns on display by the side of the road. Pampanga, where most of these were built from is also an alternative but this town is a better option for me because it’s closer to my province.

We actually bought only a single parol. Parol by the way is the local term for the symbolic star which lighted the path of the wise men in search of the manger where Jesus Christ was born over 2000 years ago. Now, although we only purchased a single piece, it was memorable for me that night because I’ve discovered how affordable the lanterns are.

Although you may have to spend money for gas if you’re driving or for a bus ride and etc. if you’re commuting, you will still save money when you compare the prices alone. So heading over this side of the province of Tarlac will be worth it if you’re buying in bulk for your home or office and that of your neighbors, relatives, friends, and colleagues.

I can recall asking for how much a medium sized parol costs in one of the stalls offering the same items in a city close to the town where I lived. It was tagged a whopping Php 4,000! We were able to buy the same exact parol size for only Php 1,500 in one of the long line of stalls from the right side of Gerona, a town in Tarlac. You won’t miss it if you’re driving from the north. But if you’re coming down south from the direction of Manila, you have to cross the highway.

Here, you will find parols in various sizes, colors, lighting pattern, and design. Aside from the parol or star, you may also bring home other types of lanterns including floral shaped ones, snow man, elves, Santa Claus with or without his reindeers on a sleigh, the manger or nativity scene, and so much more. Just make sure to drop by and visit all the stalls to compare what they have to offer.

Drive towards Gerona, Tarlac now and get affordable Christmas parol products too!

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