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North Central Luzon Bloggers Event 2013

Calling all bloggers connected to Pangasinan by virtue of residence, birth, descent, or what not, you are all invited to join an upcoming bloggers event for blog enthusiasts not only in Pangasinan but in nearby areas as well including provinces located throughout the North and Central Luzon area. For more information, you may contact Chico Joven through his Facebook account or me. Just send us a message over Facebook and we’ll address your concerns as soon as we can. Alternately, you may also fill up the form below by clicking on the link for a separate page.

The Calling

The call to organize a blogger’s event for Pangasinan started earlier this year during the Pistay Dayat celebration of the province last summer. The provincial government and tourism department actually invited bloggers to participate for the coverage of the event. Unfortunately, there was no bonafide organization which can offer representation for bloggers. Chico Joven had the initiative to call upon other existing minor blogging groups in Facebook in order to create a larger org in preparation for a possible event for bloggers in this side of the country. The calling was also partly inspired by the successful first ever bloggers conference for Baguio and Benguet based bloggers last May 2012.

In relation to this plan, we hope to be able to setup the Pangasinan/North Central Luzon group by December this year and start planning the event early next year. The proposed conference will be held either in Dagupan City or Lingayen during the celebration of Pistay Dayat 2013. Everyone, including tourists and local residents will be welcome to join the conference along with bloggers and writers not only in the areas mentioned but elsewhere in case they’re interested.

Who Should Respond to the Call

To start with, we are hoping bloggers with roots in Pangasinan and other North or Central Luzon areas will step up for this event. When I say roots, it means you are currently residing or working within the aforementioned areas or if not, you find your roots in this place. It will also work if you were born or raised here or that your family (father, mother, grandparents, relatives, etc.) find their ancestral descent from any of the places mentioned.

There is no age bracket restrictions so all bloggers from all ages and walks of life is invited. Elementary, high school, vocational, college, and post graduate students are welcome. The same applies to anyone employed, self employed, involved in their own business, and even house buddies. Your blog can be hosted in any platform including Blogger or Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, and even in Facebook (Notes section) or Twitter (extended tweets).

We are also inviting commercial brands for sponsorship and advertisements, PR and marketing companies, media or press outlets, and local government units (LGU) as well as tourism departments. But for this part, may I refer you to Chico Joven for more info (see his Facebook page above).

Why You Should Respond to the Call

Naturally, brands with products or services to offer can benefit for the commercial exposure by participating in this event. LGUs can take advantage of the opportunity to make their constituents become aware of their local programs. Bloggers in turn can have these programs promoted through blog posts. The same applies to tourism offices which can have the chance to invite local residents as well as guests to tour what the province has to offer. Media and PR or marketing companies are most welcome to cover the event for news purposes. Lastly, bloggers from all walks of life and age as stated earlier are most welcome to join. Your insights and suggestions will become valuable towards making this event possible.

How to Participate

Please see Facebook pages listed at the opening of this post above and contact us directly. You may also fill up the contact form embedded on this post.

See you all for the Pangasinan and North Central Luzon bloggers event!

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