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My Tumblr Blog Busy Lazy is Now PR1

It’s been a little over a year (July 29, 2011 to be exact) since I started using Tumblr and my Tumblr blog Busy Lazy is now PR1. It’s something I actually didn’t expect since all I ever do in that blog is to post and repost pictures, videos, links, and so on. There’s not much content for you to read. It’s not comparable to my Blogger blog Free Minds Free Lines where I exert effort in terms of content creation. Also, it’s still on a public domain.

Number of Posts

In relation to that, I’ve deduced a conclusion. Is it possible that the number of posts help in promoting a site’s rank regardless of the type of post posted? As I’ve mentioned, the posts in my Tumblr blog doesn’t have that much text content. I only wanted to share inspirational, interesting, entertaining, and funny images, videos, and links.


Consistency may also hold the key. I’ve been posting regularly for the past few months in my Tumblr blog. Posts were automatically scheduled from once daily, then to thrice everyday, and now twice each day. I still have nearly 300 posts on queue. But like I’ve mentioned in this earlier post - 7 Ways on How to Make Your Tumblr Experience More Enjoyable, you can only queue up 300 posts based on what I’ve discovered.


The Tumblr post I’ve linked in the aforementioned article above with supposedly the highest number of notes (likes and reblogs) in my Tumblr blog have now been surpassed by another post. See images below.

My Tumblr Blog
139 notes as of this writing
My Tumblr Blog
124 notes as of this writing 

I’ve also created a Facebook page for my Tumblr blog where I can share the same posts found on Tumblr and create interaction and achieve possible viewership from Facebook users. It’s not perfect for a starter but I’ll have it edited in time. See Busy Lazy at Facebook.

But with the way things are going for my Tumblr blog, despite what it lacks, I believe it will continue to improve in terms of ranking and page views. It can even be possible that it will surpass this blog, at least on PR. That is both disappointing and encouraging at the same. I have greater dreams for my Blogger blog Free Minds Free Lines although I’m still ecstatic nonetheless because at least another blog, my Tumblr blog, is doing well.


  1. I am trying to get my tumblr to PR 1 Blog? I have Just over 1400 followers , what are the things i need to Improve ?

  2. Hello there! Mine doesn't even have as much followers as yours. The key to ranking well is through content and links.You should start building links for your blog (search engine optimization) and add more written content (500 words or longer).


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