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View Google Page Rank for Pages and Profiles

Did you know you can actually view Google page rank not only for your website or blog but also for your personal pages such as accounts in social networking sites?

How? Just head over to this site and key in your Facebook page, Twitter profile, or any other social media site URL on the blank field provided. The http:// is already marked so you won’t have to type it in. Next, click on the Check PR button. The page will then ask you to enter a verification code before you can view Google page rank results.

I was actually already using for work related purposes, being a freelancer. But I’ve only recently discovered that it can also be used for fun. With it, I found out that my personal Facebook account is actually a PR3! My Twitter profile on other hand is a PR1. I’ve also checked other Facebook pages I’ve created as well as other sites and blogs. Most of them are still with an NA status except for (now blogphnet) which is a PR2!

I thought I already had a surprise yesterday with my Tumblr blog Busy Lazy moving up to PR1, but these are even more surprising. I can’t believe my Facebook account had even surpassed this Blogger blog Free Minds Free Lines in terms of PR!

Yesterday, I thought it’s all about the number of posts but considering (now, I think I’m mistaken. I’m sure Google has guidelines when it comes to ranking sites for PR so let me just put that to rest.

For the meantime, I’ll have find checking more sites for PR. You too can do the same and view Google page rank even for your personal profiles and pages, so have fun!

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