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What the North Korea Rocket Launch Failure Means

The whole world already knows by now about the North Korea rocket launch failure. But what does it mean for all of us? It does affect everyone directly and indirectly and in the following ways:

For those who reside in nearby countries, the North Korea rocket launch failure means everyone can now sigh in relief. There was obvious tension before the rocket was launched and during the time of the countdown. Nearby countries such as South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines were preparing for the possible danger of falling debris through military local government emergency operations. With the rocket launch ending in a failure, everyone is definitely relieved.

Aside from countries who are immediately affected by the project, the rest of the world can also be at peace because of the North Korea rocket launch failure knowing that NoKor is still not yet ready for any type of military attack. They have yet to improve their technology. So the threat from this communist country is not possible at present but in the future, should they continue such a dream of creating a formidable military force.

The North Korea rocket launch failure hits the actual country the most. It is an insult to everyone who were directly involved in the project. Their government is also at loss. It was supposedly NoKor’s way of implying they are still a strong nation despite their leader’s demise, Kim Jong Il last December 2011. He was succeeded by his son Kim Jong-un.

Above everyone who was a part of the project, it was Kim Jong-un who is most likely subjected to public humiliation by now after the North Korea rocket launch failure. The project was supposedly his subtle way to let the world know that NoKor is still on a stable communist ground even after his father’s death. North Korea can still independently exist on its own without external help, particularly from foreign organizations such as the United Nations. With the project failing, it’s definitely a direct blow to his ego as a leader and the whole world witnessed its broadcast.

But the communist community suffers all the more literally after the North Korea rocket launch failure. That was about $1 billion lost in rubble. The same amount would have been more than enough to feed its 24 million population. The money could have also been utilized to build better shelters than uniform residential homes residents currently live in. It can also finance potential income generating businesses which will provide employment for thousands of its uneducated citizens.

Apart from everything mentioned here, I hope that the North Korea rocket launch failure opens the eyes of everyone blinded by the deceiving promises of a communist structure. This type of equality is the same reason why millions of people are hungry in NoKor. It denies everyone the opportunity to be educated, employed, and to experience the fulfillment there is to strive for personal prosperity.

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