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Submit Site to Social Bookmarking Sites

Here’s an addition to previous entries to promote your site, blog, or page - you can submit site to social bookmarking sites. For other options, you may refer to the following links – directories, Facebook ad, Digg or Reddit, and Social Monkee. There are more ways to promote your online brand and these will be discussed in future posts.

What are social bookmarking sites

As for this entry, to submit site to social bookmarking sites will be further discussed. First of all, what is social bookmarking and why should you utilize it to spread the word about your business or brand online? Social bookmarking sites are part of the social media craze. But unlike the usual social networking we know of, i.e. make friends and connect with everyone such as in Facebook and Twitter, social bookmarking sites allow a site, blog, or page to be bookmarked. It can be comparable to bookmarking paper backs. You use bookmarks in order to remember an important section of a book. In terms of the web, you can actually use your own browser in order to bookmark places online. But you can only retrieve the info within your own computer’s browser. But through social bookmarking sites, you can refer to your list of bookmarked places whenever you want to through any device with Internet connection.

Why submit site to social bookmarking sites

Why submit site to social bookmarking sites? There are various reasons why. First of all, you create back links for what you are promoting through social bookmarking sites. Back links are incoming links which redirect to your site. The more inbound links you have, the greater your score for search engines. The higher your score, the better your site’s chances of landing the first page of search results in relation to a search query or the keyword you are targeting. Now this score is further weighed based on the page rank or PR of the social network site where the link was planted. The higher the PR, the higher the back link score.  

Aside from back linking purposes, you submit site to social bookmarking sites for the immediate traffic gained. Everyone can admit to the fact that we have this tendency to click on links through a friend’s social network site profile just out of curiosity, most especially if the link was submitted with an interesting description, video, or image. So when you submit site to social bookmarking sites, a few or more of the audience will naturally click on the link and thereby gain instant traffic back to the site, blog, or page you are promoting.

How to submit site to social bookmarking sites

To submit site to social bookmarking sites is easy, all you need to do is to register an account for selected sites and start posting. To find out what these sites are, make a quick search over Google and type in something like submit site to social bookmarking sites. You’ll find actual sites where you can post or you will locate companies offering such service.  

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But there are literally hundreds or even thousands of social media sites where you can post about your business or brand. So it will take time for you to be able to register for such sites and to post. In this case, it will be convenient to take advantage of companies which can submit site to social bookmarking sites in your behalf. One of such companies include SubmitEdge, a worldwide respected authority when it comes to Search Engine Optimization or SEO services. 

One of the services they offer includes social bookmarking where they submit site to social bookmarking sites for you. The basic service is available for $35 and they bookmark your site to 125 social network sites. A report will be generated upon completion of the campaign (normally 9 days). If you order a package which includes social bookmarking along with other services such as directory submission, search engine submission, and article submission, you can save money due to a discounted rate of only $79 ($124 value). I actually took advantage of this deal and will write more about it in future posts.

Going back to the submit site to social bookmarking sites service, there are also free services you can take advantage of. One of which includes Social Monkee. Through this site, you are allowed one link to submit daily. It will be submitted to 25 social bookmarking sites. You can read more about this service through the post - Submit Your Site’s Links through Social Monkee.

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Finally, after reading about social bookmarking sites and what they can do for your brand or business, it’s time for you to submit site to social bookmarking sites if you haven’t done so yet.  

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