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Unofficially Yours Movie Review

The Philippine movie industry is usually filled with different amazing stories and you wouldn't even imagine how writers were inspired to write such stories. Yes, some are just the usual cliché story lines that you often see. Stories where you can always predict what will happen to the next scene to the next and so on. Those are the movies you will watch just to relieve yourself of boredom. But there are also those that are written creatively and make us glued to our seat throughout the entire movie.

Filipinos love a good love story, a movie wherein a man and a woman defy all odds just to pursue the love of their lives. Whether it is a story of love forbidden by family customs or a love that is separated because of societal pressure, you name it, the Filipino movie industry has it. But Filipino love story movies are often conservative. Love stories in the country are often made just to make the hearts of the viewers soften with tingling scenes. There are few to none steaming scenes that will not only make your heart pound but will also make the whole cinema a little hotter.

unofficially yours
Unofficially Yours is an exception to the norms of love story movies in the Philippines. Based on my Unofficially Yours movie review, I feel that this movie seems to bend the norms of romantic comedies Filipinos love to watch. This movie made a lot of viewers grab their chairs for the kind of liberal love story which portray casual sex. Sex scenes are abundant because such displays revolve around the movie. But it was done with tasteful class that you will feel like it’s more of a Rom-Com movie than a Rated R.

Let me continue my Unofficially Yours movie review by talking about the plot. Mackie, which was played by John Lloyd Cruz is a dentist. He suddenly took his profession to a different turn and became a journalist. One night, he had a very unforgettable moment with a very attractive woman in Bali. It ended as a one-night stand. But since fate always allow these protagonists to meet again in such movies, Mackie saw that remarkably beautiful woman again. She became his mentor in journalism. Her name is Ces, who is portrayed by Angel Locsin. Both engaged again in their casual sexual acts. But they swore to each other it is just plain sex and there are no strings attached.  But Mackie started to fall for Ces. Being a hard nut to crack, Ces eventually became soft as Mackie showed him his authentic kindness.

I really enjoyed the movie. When I went home after watching, I found myself writing my Unofficially Yours movie review. For me, I think John Lloyd Cruz is the right man in the lead role since he is an epitome of naive looking yet can be oozing with sexuality.  His portrayal of the role is believable and charming. Angel Locsin on the other hand definitely amazes me on how she acts so intensely in the movie.

You have to check out the movie to experience the intensity of a relationship which is boosted with love and sex. In my Unofficially Yours movie review, I give the movie two thumbs up for the story and the actors’ portrayal of their roles.

After reading my Unofficially Yours movie review I do hope you will watch this not so ordinary Rom-Com movie this 2012.

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*This post is written by Relyn Leorente

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