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Which Is Better: Hearing It From The News Or Experiencing It?

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The thing with online technology is that the world keeps getting smaller every day.  News travel faster, fashion and fads are immediately created and fade soon enough.  The human population is bombarded with tons of information that makes him confuse all the more instead of improving aspects of his life.  In the old days, people rely upon the oldies when deciding which is better.  Nowadays, there are too many experts telling people which road to take and what choices to make. 

Take for instance the news and its updates.  News channels are more focused on delivering more human interest stories to capture audiences who are inclined to hear more interesting news.  For people, interesting news is something that affects them especially when it comes to making choices.   Our parents then have limited choices and more often were demanded and handed down based on experiences of their parents and grandparents.  As for today’s generation, the choices are far, wide, and deep. 

For example, you do not have to consult online experts before as to which are better - Qatar or Emirates airline.  Each airline claim different superlatives and the thing is; your only concern is for you to fly over the Arab states without the threat of terrorism; in other words safe landing. One thing is sure, Emirates have better milestones than Qatar as it was first established in the eighties.  Qatar holds the distinction of being owned by the government with 50 percent stakes.  The question is, can these two airlines assure passengers of safe travel 100 percent at all times?

Another choice that we are peppered with suggestions is on communication.  We all know that it is important for us to send our message across clearly and we are able to receive messages with integrity.  And yet, the human population today is confronted with different communication devices offering excellent tools and applications to send and receive messages anywhere around the world.  And what the world needs now is actually messages that are inspiring, positive, and encouraging.  Does iPhone or Android have the ability to filter messages that are like these?

Values are destroyed because people are enamored with several choices.  Before, we are told that cash is might.  Now, every merchant is proclaiming credit is good.  What happens is that people are accessing credits regardless of whether they have the capacity to pay or not.  Consequently, the economy is affected and people paying on cash are suffering also. An interesting news or article on this matter should not discuss as to which is better between cash or accrual but rather talk about the question of need. Do you really need these items?

Indeed, an interesting news item can be on asking which is better such as Qatar vs. Emirates Airlines or cash vs. accrual but the real deal should be about telling people if they really need these products or services.  Values should be preserved instead of encouraging people with mindless purchases.  While people need to be informed as to which is better, however, interesting news about it should cater to the choice they have to make in order to improve their living condition.

*Written by Alden Bula

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