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Social Monkee
I’ve recently started using the services of a site called Social Monkee. The site allows you to submit your site’s links for link building purposes. Social Monkee submits one link to 25 sites for free daily.

How does link building help?

Before I continue talking about Social Monkee and how it helps your site, let’s discuss about link building first. Links are important in establishing your site’s page rank to search engines like Google. The number of links associated to your site helps increase rank. Although there are other factors which contribute to your site’s link scorecard, let’s just stick with the basic fact that the more links attached to a site, the higher that site’s page rank. For more information on link building, let me just refer you to this article – Link Building is the Solution You Need.

Social Monkee
How Social Monkee helps?

Although link building is not the sole element in search engine ranking, let’s just focus on it for now in relation to the site featured for this article. So going back to the Social Monkee, the site offers a free link building solution for sites, pages, and blogs. The free account allows you to submit a link and let Social Monkee build 25 free back links for you. You are allowed to submit one link per day under the free member category. If you upgrade to a premium membership, you can submit 3 links and Social Monkee will build links for you in over 100 sites.

I’ve been submitting one link daily (or at least on days that I remember to do so) for the past few weeks now. Aside from being free, what’s great about Social Monkee is the reports. Even as a free member, you have access to reports which list down sites where your link has been submitted to. You can click on the link and verify that your site has indeed been submitted.

I actually went beyond checking the link. I also made a background check on some of the sites through I’ve researched to know the sites overall rank. I’ve found out that the sites where links are submitted to are highly ranked. I’ve mentioned earlier that there are other details which contribute to a site’s link scorecard. So this is one of them. The rank of the site where your link was planted to also matters. If your link was built over highly ranked sites, the better your search engine score becomes. Now as to how the receiving site is ranked will be another story.

So if you are site or blog owner, you need all the help you can get when it comes to building links for your site and eventually increasing your site’s rank over search engines. As to why there is a need to increase your site’s rank or score for search engines, let me just say that ranking determines which site lands on the first page of search results in relation to a keyword being searched. That too is a different story.

As for Social Monkee, this site helps by providing free 25 inbound links for your URL daily. All you need to do is to sign up and start submitting links.

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