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Fiverr: What Can You Do for $5?

I got my first gig order from Fiverr a few days ago and like all other firsts, I was excited about it. I completed the task and a few days after, got another gig. At this rate, I hope there will be more gigs coming.

What is Fiverr?

But what is Fiverr? For those who have only come across this site now, Fiverr can be considered another site for freelancers. I added it among the list of freelancing sites I’ve tried under the Earn Money Online page of this blog. Unlike other freelancing sites though, you can’t specify the rates in Fiverr. Everything is offered at only $5. No more, no less. What you can only edit is the type of service you are going to offer.

For the obvious reasons, I offered writing gigs. One is for a highly optimized article and one is for a social media article. Although I’ve only been a freelance writer for a little over a year, I know what it takes to create a highly optimized article. This involves keyword research, content research, search engine optimization tricks, keyword density and placement rules, and more. As for social media, I have contributed social media articles for an SEO company in the past few months so I’m well acquainted with the entire social media setup now. Both gigs I have received so far requested articles relating to social media.

If you have heard about a local site called which incorporates social networking plus more, the second gig was from a buyer supposedly connected to the site. Although it was only a single article, I enjoyed writing about their site. is more than the usual social networking that we know. You can post photos, links, job openings, apps, and watch full length Filipino movies.

What you can offer in Fiverr

Going back to Fiverr, I chanced upon the site while doing a research job for a client. I was tasked to research about service providers in Fiverr offering link building gigs. Browsing through the site, I’ve learned that you can offer various other services for $5. So I signed up, completed my profile, and posted gigs.

As for the services you can offer, you can be as creative as possible. The categories include gifts, graphics, video, social marketing, travel, writing, advertising, music, audio, fun, bizarre, tips, advice, business, technology, programming, and more. My gigs are categorized under social marketing and writing. Based on the categories mentioned, anyone can think of a gig and offer their services. Heck, I’ve seen really creative gigs to the point of insanely weird ones being offered on the site. Sometimes I doubt if they’re seriously even actually offering the gig or just plain spamming or fooling around.

Anyways, in case you’re interested, you can also sign up for the site, complete your profile, post gigs, work on a task when you have orders, and ultimately earn money from Fiverr. Unlike other freelancing sites where scam does happen such as what I’ve discussed in this article is Not a Scam and What to do to Avoid Being Scammed, payments are guaranteed and you can withdraw them via PayPal once cleared.

If there are any setbacks, one of which was mentioned earlier. The amount remains the same. It’s just $5. The process is also slow. You will wait for a delivered gig to be completed which takes 3 days and then wait for the clearing before you can withdraw the revenue you’ve earned. So as of now, none of the funds I have are available for withdrawal yet. It at least helped that I choose 24 hours delivery for the gigs. You can pick lengthier gig submission duration if you want to give you ample time to complete a gig but it also extends your agony waiting.

Update: My Fiverr account is now Level 2!

Freelancing in Fiverr 

Fiverr makes freelancing easy. No bidding, no payment issues, and no hassle. For $5, you can simply offer your services or hire someone to complete gigs for you. It’s that simple.   

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