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If you scroll down this blog, you’ll notice various icons and logos at the bottom. Most of those are blog and site directories where I have submitted this blog to. In order to be accepted in the listed directories, a reciprocal link is needed, which explains why I am displaying their link or logo. Even the links and logos which redirect to the aforementioned directories are defaulted to what they have provided. But why do I have that many links and logos? Read on to know.

Page rank and directories

Actually, there are only a handful of directories where I have manually submitted this blog to. These are mostly directories which I have stumbled upon through other blogs or I have Googled (everyone knows that Googling is now synonymous to researching, at least online). These are also high PR (page rank) directories which are at least PR2 in rank. This blog is only at PR1 and I consider that good enough already because at least it’s not at PR NA or no data. 

In case you’re interested to know your sites page rank in the eyes of search engines like Google, you can check it out through this link – Google Page Rank Checker.

Links and directories

I’ve mentioned in the previous post that building links over the web is important in order to increase your site’s rank in search engines. See post Submit Your Site’s Links through Social Monkee. Directories provide an opportunity for you to build links for your site once search engines pick up the links and have these considered as points for your site.

Aside from the link juice squeezed, directories are also beneficial for your site due to the immediate and long term exposure they provide. Members of a directory are introduced to your site or blog once your submission is approved. That gives you immediate traffic. Also, as long as your site stays on the directory, all future members can gain access to your site’s URL.

Free versus paid directories

Most directories are free such as the ones on the footer of this blog. There are also paid directories which collect a fee before your site is listed. Some free directories also offer premium membership or listing for a certain amount in exchange of additional perks and privileges. As to which is better between paid and free directories, it’s safe to say that best to utilize both.

I’m not into spending money for a personal blog such as this so I haven’t paid the services of any directory yet although I intend to do so for other blogs or sites. For the mean time, I’m contented with link building solutions like Social Monkee and having been able to submit this blogs details to the directories found below. I actually planned to hunt for more high PR directories I can join but due to time constraints, I’m not able to do so.

If I should give a piece of advice, I’d recommended for everyone who wants to expand their blog or site’s audience share by building links. You can start with free services such as Social Monkee and the free directories below. You should only shell out money if there is a worthy investment, not unless you simply wanted to share your site to the world for viewing purposes and no commercial reasons in mind.

Should you be ready for paid directories, both financially and logically (that is, if there are ample reasons for you to spend money in promoting your site or blog), the first consideration will be page rank. The previous post made reference to the fact that the higher the page rank of a site (in this directory) where your blog or site is linked to (submitted), the better your score in terms of search engine ranking. Thus, any directory you are considering should be checked for PR first.

Aside from PR, other considerations include niche and requirements. For niche, ask if it is relevant to your site. Most directories are general in nature so you can always find a category which suits your site. For requirements, ask what information is needed? Does it require reciprocal links? The latter refers to you displaying their link or logo in return for displaying or listing yours in their director

Submitting to directories

If you have a list of directories to submit your site or blog to, the next step is to begin the submission process. Submitting to directories involve a simple process. You may need to register, verify your account, provide your site details, create an exchange link, and wait for the approval time. In some cases, approval is instant and registration as well as a reciprocal link may not be necessary anymore.

Submitting your site or blog to directories is important if you intend to increase your audience share. You get immediate traffic from the directory’s members and long term traffic from search engines. By getting listed to directories, your site’s page rank improves, thereby increasing its chances of landing in search results and in turn gaining more viewers for your site.

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