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4 Foolish Reasons Why Education Is Important

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Education as they say is the only heritage your parents can give that cannot be stolen or taken away from you.  From the day we were born, our quest to learn new things never stops.  We educate ourselves to keep abreast with current developments around us.  And the most compelling reason why education is important is that it is one of the best tickets for success in life.  Yet, there are foolish reasons why some people regard education to be important.

    1. Their parents did not teach them well. Only foolish persons can state this reason as he forgets the fact that while he was still young, it was his parents who explained to him or her why does it rain, what are the reasons for cat’s purr, and other innocent questions he asked while younger.  Thus, education is important because sooner or later your kids will also ask questions from you and you should have better explanations.
    2. They want to know if the sun rises in east and sets in the west. Education is discovering truth about certain beliefs.   However, there are just some realities that do not need more investigation as it is already that way and you cannot change it.  A better motivation on why education is important is to know more about things that will help improve lives of people.  Education is important because there are still plenty of things waiting to be discovered and impacts the way we live.
    3. They want to learn illegal ways to get rich quickly.  Education is not about money.  It is about gaining wisdom and being wise about the ways of the world.  Earning money is just part of the package when we educate ourselves.  There are plenty of skills that we can educate ourselves and earn more money without teasing the rule of law.  At the end of the day, education is about how fulfillment. Fulfillment goes beyond knowing the answer on why does it rain; instead, it’s about finding out truths about why it sometimes rain when dead people are buried, and so on.
    4. They have plenty of time and nothing to do, thus they go to school.  Learning the reasons for cat’s purr can be acquired even if you do not go to school.  The halls of the academe are just one of the sources of education.  Some people brag that they were educated from the school of hard knocks, not from schools.  Regardless, it is still education.  Our initial steps towards learning starts from home and the neighborhood, complemented with academic learning, and enhanced with experiences after we graduate or stop schooling.  The better reason would be education is important because life is a struggle from infancy to deathbed.
Each one of us has discovered different reasons for cat’s purr, heard different explanations on why does it rain, and learned several reasons why education is important.  Whether the reasons are foolish or wise these reasons form part of our education.  It is up to the individual whether to pursue more education and gain knowledge to reach his objectives in life, whether these are foolish ones or not. 

*Written by Alden Bula

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