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Killer Trucks Should Be Banned for Good

In the wake of the incident pertaining to the video above, killer trucks should be banned for good. There was a similar incident in Tagaytay late last year and I’m sure there are countless other accidents involving trucks.

I passed by the site where the accident in the video above happened in relation to this blog post yesterday - EON, UnionBank, and Globe Refill Card Drama. The highway is already clean but the remnants in hearts and minds of everyone directly and indirectly affected by the killer truck is still fresh. 

What are killer trucks? 

But what are killer trucks? They’re obviously those which lack proper maintenance and so they end up malfunctioning most of the time. The trouble they cause to their own drivers and owners is nothing compared to the issue they bring in public roads. Causing traffic is nothing and so are minor accidents including property damages but when lives are jeopardized such as what you’ve seen in the video above, that’s already a different story. It’s time to make changes.

The Government’s Role

I’m no political critic or political fan but I do believe it’s time to ban killer trucks on the roads for good. There should be a concrete guideline when it comes to licensing and registration of trucks. True, it’s a hassle for those associated with such trucks but it’s going to be worth the trouble considering the properties and lives saved when proper attention and maintenance is allotted to trucks, especially those which are always on the road.

The Role of Truck Owners and Drivers

It’s not only a government concern but truck owners should also understand the need to spend a dime on maintenance and repair of their vehicles. Drivers on the other hand should drive carefully. We see those words a lot on bumper stickers but not on the road. In relation to maintaining vehicles, a potentially accident causing malfunction should be reported to truck operators right away. Any issues reported must be attended to right away, of course.

Vigilance among Common Citizens

And what do common citizens have anything to do with this? It’s our role to be vigilant, if not physically, at least in supporting causes which are related to banning of killer trucks or if not, at least promoting responsible vehicular ownership.

In issues where emergencies and accidents are at hand, we need to extend a helping hand, not a gossiping eye. If you’ve noticed, people were everywhere and are even capturing images and videos. No offense meant to the owner of the video but the first thing which should have been done is to show that old Filipino “bayanihan” attitude. Those who were hurt with minor injuries should have been assisted to while those who were badly injured should not be touched at all. Rather, a hospital emergency personnel or ambulance would have been called. A hospital was actually very close to the vicinity of the place and yet people are busy gossiping around, taking pictures and videos, and what not. I’m sure there are a chosen few who ran where the hospital is at but for those who didn’t bother to do so but instead joined the clamor of the crowd, shame on you!

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Our prayers are for those who have were directly involved in the unfortunate accident. May everyone who has been physically hurt get well soon; and may everyone whose family was among the demised find solace in the hope that they are in a better place. 

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