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EON, UnionBank, and Globe Refill Card Drama

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Today was an EON, UnionBank and Globe Refill Card jinx drama. I went out to withdraw everything from the EON card so there’s no funds left for potentially attracted hackers to use just in case (call me paranoid, yes!). So what happened? My EON card was completely blocked. I needed to refill minutes to call UnionBank and the recording says, “card is invalid.” Whew! What else can I ask for? Jinx!

Anyway, all is a bit well now while I’m writing this. What happened is that the online EON account prompted for a password change a few days ago online and so I did. It’s part of their security to do so after a specific period. Problem is, I can’t seem to recall the password even if it was only a few days ago. So the online account was disabled. I called UnionBank and was told to wait for 24 hours for the password to refresh. I just need to check if the withdrawal to the EON account from PayPal was successful.

It was the same scenario the following day. I called the bank through Skype. Yes, loaded funds in dollars for the call. So I needed to wait again for another 24 hours but at least the money is there. I used it to make online purchases. It’s a Revitol product and I was so excited about it but that will be yet another story. 

So for the third day, I was supposed to withdraw and transfer the funds to a non-debit card account. Bam! See paragraph one for what happened. They can’t use the card info anymore because it’s disabled.

What is EON?

EON by the way is like a debit card/bank account used to withdraw online funds from PayPal and other compatible accounts. Unlike bank accounts though, there is no earning. It can be used at least to make debit card purchases because it’s a VISA. EON is powered by UnionBank in the Phils. As for me and what happened earlier, I will have to apply for a new card on the next business day. 

As for the refill card (I don’t have a postpaid service anymore), the Globe representative was able to figure out that it could be my phone. He was able to refill the minutes when he inserted my SIM card to a different device.

Talking about a jinx-y day, I went home empty handed with only a 3-in-1 ice cream and a merienda beforehand, thanks to a minimal amount via online bank transfer I got from my partner. At least it’s a bit better now. And hearing about how an indirect relative (his) suffers in the ICU and watching a video of yet another killer truck down Carmen, Rosales, Pangasinan makes me not complain anymore. Whatever jinx drama there was today is nothing compared to their woes. 


  1. Hi. I'm totally noob when it comes to debit cards, Paypal, or anything about withdrawing money online. I have some money in my Paypal account (just a few pesos). Is it safe if I just left my money there? I haven't applied for an EON card yet. I'm thinking of getting one when I have steady income online. Sayang kasi ang annual fee...

  2. Hello cheerfulnuts, it's safe to keep it there. Mine reaches over (secret amount) in PayPal sometimes and I can sleep tight not worrying about it. :) If you have an existing bank account, like BPI, BDO, Metrobank etc., you can use any of those instead so there's no need to get EON. Only one bank account can be linked per email address though, so I have two. The other one is linked to BPI. Just click on withdraw to local bank and you'd be prompted to enter the bank account info.

  3. Maria, thanks a lot for the info!:)


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