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Describe and Express Sadness

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Sadness is indescribable. No word is synonymous to it. No words whether few or more can be able to describe what you feel emotionally. If I say is it as deep as an ocean or as high a mountain, I merely measure its depth and height. If I say it feels worse than death for you are well aware of every sense of pain possible, I am simply comparing it with something else.

So why bother describing sadness? All I know is that I feel it in every single part of me: my thoughts, my words, and my actions. Sadness runs through my head that I can barely keep up with it. I am unable to run past it to make it stop. Nor can I even run after it. I am left behind wondering why I am sad to begin with. My words embody sadness much as I try to have them hidden behind happy lines and catchy jokes. My actions show how much sadness takes its toll on me that nothing worldly can be able to compensate: not food, not sex, not sleep, not work, not anything, nothing.

There was one who said in order to lessen sadness, one should face it, and express it until it gets away. Otherwise, like a volcano when suppressed, it will erupt and blow you away. Worse, it passes by everyone and everything else like lava flowing heavily. Burning, melting, and carrying everything along its path.

So let me express sadness through these lines. I need not say I am sad. The words I write clearly describe what I feel. By doing so, my mind need not be bothered by thoughts of sadness. By doing so, I won’t have to entertain myself with other stuffs just to forget the pain. By doing so, I express in lines my free mind.

This too shall pass, so they say. And tomorrow is another day. But for now, let me be sad and let me say so in words. As always, I leave you with lines from one of the old Free Mind Free Lines poems:


the undead

bludgeoned heart
so hidden inside my flesh

blood drips
blood spills
blood flows within i feel


i cry yet not a tear is shed
i moan yet a sound is heard
i die yet not a soul shall know...

i walk among the living
i smile past people
i exist as though alive

but still i feel inside my bludgeoned heart
but not a soul shall know
not a soul shall know

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