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Building a Passive Income through InfoBarrel

I’m building a passive income through InfoBarrel. It may be slow, but the journey is surely moving towards the goal. But how is this done? Read on to know.

I came across InfoBarrel after the incident I journaled about in relation to HubPages which is probably the biggest revenue sharing content site. I searched for alternative sites and chose InfoBarrel over all the other sites I came across with.

Why InfoBarrel?

There are quite a number of other writing sites you can submit articles to. But InfoBarrel has a simple and inviting interface. The writing and publishing format itself is easy to use and the editorial guideline is even easier. I didn’t have that much trouble understanding the terms and conditions as compared to the dilemma and drama I got from another popular site.

When it comes to earning, the Adsense share is fairly reasonable. Plus, there is a chance to increase the revenue share you are paid every month by simply submitting more content. More articles and more words per piece gives you points which will have you win a monthly contest (if you get the highest number) for registered writers. Should you not become a winner, accumulating a specific number of points will at least increase the revenue share for views which will be applied for the following month.

Above all, the community is great! Other writers read your work, rate articles, comment, and provide critique. Everyone is also welcoming to new members and answers everyone’s query with a sharing heart. Even a few trade secrets are shared with no second thoughts. So if you want to know a trick or two, just hang around the site’s forum and learn about the ins and outs of web writing and the web in general.

Passive Income

There are actually a lot of ways you can take advantage of in relation to building a passive income. One of which includes writing for writing sites like InfoBarrel. It is called passive, because you don’t exactly earn right away as compared to working for freelancing sites like oDesk or Freelancer. The income you build can be reaped after a few months or even years. You get them from advertisements. As for InfoBarrel, you earn an income from Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon.

Unlike freelancing sites, publishing content in revenue sharing writing platforms like InfoBarrel takes time and patience. You write and publish articles, share about them through other sites, and build links if you must. You don’t see the results overnight. It starts with a few cents and slowly gains ground as the articles age and earn a reputation. The same applies to you and your writing profile. In turn, you’ll find that the waiting period and the investment of time and money will be worth it.

My motivation

My InfoBarrel account (WebAddict) is fairly new to the site and the number of articles I’ve submitted is of a humble count. What motivates me to stay on the site and to continue submitting articles is the countless number of successful writers who are receiving their paychecks monthly. Here are some of them: jcmayer777, Chezfat, Sookie, DKRunner, Travis_Aitch, MommyMommyMommy, and Ernie. You can read their success stories through a link found on the lower right side of home page. There are obviously more than I was able to find success story articles for, including some of the sites favorite AJWalton, JadeDragon, and x3xsolxdierx3x. Just browse through the site and search for their profile pages.

Aside from the money, the sheer love of writing motivates me to write and submit articles whether or not they generate views. I’m sure that everyone who enjoys writing will agree to this. With hard work and greater effort, some of the writers mentioned above who are writing during their free time only are able to earn an income even higher than what they earn from their regular jobs.

My journey towards the same level of earning is far from what I want it to be, but I’m slowly building a passive income through InfoBarrel. Care to join? Sign up today when you click here.  

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  1. Nice article, quite useful. I didn't know about Infobarrel so I shall be looking into a passive income from future articles.


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