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A Check List Before You Become a Full Time Freelancer

It’s no secret that I’m a freelancer. In fact I’ve been one for more than a year now. But I’ve only been a full time freelancer for the past few months. And if you’re contemplating on following the same path, here’s a check list you should consult first before you quit your job.

Part Time Freelancing
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I was freelancing on a part time basis and kept my regular job for more than 6 months before becoming a full time freelancer. During the process, I soaked in as much as I can and learned as many as possible about the whole web world, particularly freelance writing and freelancing in general. While many busy themselves with the money, I was busy reading stuffs which had helped me a lot now that I’m working full time online. The transition from a few cents to quite a lot was slow but healthy. I am earning more than I was able to earn in my previous regular day job. No, it wasn’t even a day job. I was just on a day shift before I quit.

Backup Plan

I didn’t honestly had a backup plan when I jumped into the bandwagon of full pledge freelancers because I was real sure of what I was doing. I had a plan, be it slow – it was still a plan nonetheless. But for those who are uncertain about the stability of a web based work, it’s best to come up with a backup plan before you even move on to the next level. There should be a buffer which will catch you in case you fall disillusioned about the whole Internet work world.

Financial Backup

Still on having a backup plan, you must have a financial backup before quitting your job. Otherwise, it’s best to just work on a part time basis and earn from both worlds. Freelancing is not a job for fresh graduates who want to earn real hard money, especially if you have expenses to worry about and mouths to feed. Again, it’s best to find a real job and just do freelance on the sides.

If you have a place to stay, food to eat, and is not extravagant, then you can actually become a full time freelancer already right away. As for me, I did have a place to stay, I can eat for free (thanks to my family’s home), and I’m not spending a lot so the transition from part time to full time was smooth.

The Plan

In relation to planning, the plan was simple – work, relax, work. There was actually more relaxing than working. J But it works well for me. I’m not too pressured but I’m still challenged. Speaking of challenge, I’m still working my way on top. Not the Everest kind of top but at least to see how far I can be able to reach. For example, I am slowly raising my rate with hourly jobs over a popular freelancing site. And I do see that it’s working. Even the per article rate I am paid for is also slowly ascending. Other writers and freelancers, who are already charging beyond $10 an hour or per article is what motivates me. Healthy envy, so they say.

But what do you get from freelancing?

This is easy. I did mention about more relaxing than working, although it appears that I’m practically working for more than 12 hours a day online, I’m on social network sites most of the time. Also, you’re not subjected to the scrutiny of bosses with freelancing. You can be your own boss. You can work within your own hours and schedule and need not leave home to work. Hence, less expenses on transportation, clothing, fast food, night outs, etc. But of course, expect Internet costs and electricity bills to rise.

You also earn exactly what you’ve worked for. So naturally, if you slack most of the time, you’re paid less. Your progress will all be dependent on what you do. You can challenge yourself to improve whatever freelancing skills you have (i.e. writing, web design, etc.) and to receive a higher pay for your work. Otherwise, you remain as if a newbie even after some time.

That’s about it. May this check list guide you before you become a full time freelancer. For questions, comments, or any other concerns, please feel free to drop me a line. 

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