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Spending Pre-New Year on a Ride and New Year on a Break

Pre-New Year was spent on a ride for me while New Year itself was spent on a break. It was literally a ride before New Year as we we’re driving along seemingly unchartered territories down west of my home province. Apparently, there is a shortcut from the western towns going to the east without having to go through the traffic full city areas. We have found out after going through a joy ride to places we’ve never seen before – rivers, fish ponds, dikes, farms, and residential homes in the far flung places of the province.

Opening our tinted windows only to ask for directions from random strangers, we we’re greeted by the usual Pinoy camaraderie. Aside from hearing about directions, we’ve received greeting from the same unknown strangers too. “Happy New Year!” they’d say before we drive away again. And so we reached our home town (in the eastern side of the province) coming from the west faster than the regular route.

Pre-New Year Relative Funeral

As to why we were in the west travelling while everyone else is busy preparing for the New Year celebration is due to sad news. A relative died again and it’s becoming disheartening to get to drop by and visit only when someone’s dead. Is there not any other reason to visit family and relatives other than someone’s death? Surely there are. I remember countless times I was there for a cousin’s wedding. Reunions were also held regularly. But I hardly know anyone anymore other than the cousins, nieces, and nephews I grow up with during endless summer vacations since I was kid. Most of them are married already, I don’t know their kids anymore, and there are no more school breaks for me. Whatever the reasons or excuses are, I really wish there are other purposes for being there other than funerals.

Only Holiday at Home

This holiday I was at home both for Christmas and New Year. I can only choose either Christmas or New Year during the past few years that were. That’s how the call center world works. I’m not part of it now. I enjoy being a freelancer. In fact, it’s one of the best things I am grateful for during the year that was (2011, see previous post "Post Christmas and Pre-New Year Post - Not about Resolutions but the Top 10 of the Year for Me" for more info).

Nothing extra ordinary actually, it’s the usual food, gifts, décor, and what not but every unspoken word transcends beyond the casual, usual tradition for both Christmas and New Year. If am to write words unsaid, I’ll simply say thank God for family, friends, and relatives. Everything else including events, experiences, material or physical things all fade in the background. It’s the people which count the most.

New Year on a Break

I was sleepless after the New Year fireworks, foods, and everything else. So I slept late in the afternoon of the 1st, which explains why I’m still awake in the wee hours of the morning. I just woke up earlier tonight, that’s why.

A Lot of Firsts

Aside from the sleep break, I watched a local movie as well. It was the first Pinoy film I’ve watched in years on the big screen. It’s the first film for MMFF too for me. We were with kids aged 2 and 5 too. It was their first time to watch a movie on a theater and they clearly enjoyed it. The movie is on General Patronage rating and they were not the only kids as young as they are watching the movie. I am not to argue about smart parenting. I know nothing about that. I do know though that kids are smarter these days too and they easily understand what should be done and what shouldn’t. We grownups are far worst, I’m sure.

What’s ahead for 2012

I’m not someone who plans ahead although I have goals. I’d rather take one step at a time for every plan and live life one day at a time. I don’t have anything fancy in mind for 2012 actually, but I dream BIG for the coming years. So for 2012, I’ll simply embrace it with arms wide open and enjoy whatever the year brings!

So what about you? How did you spend New Year?

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