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The Year 2011 for Free Minds Free Lines

Blog summary: the year that was, 2011, saw great things for this blog – Free Minds Free Lines. One, it was finally registered with its own domain name from the generic Blogspot URL. The blog is less heavy and more light hearted now too. Although it remains a personal blog, there are blog posts that are helpful and useful too. It’s this blog’s way of giving back to the community or readers, bloggers, and blog walkers about everything I have learned online.

To read more about the domain name registration for Free Minds Free Lines, you can read about it in these entries:

Domain Name Registration for Free Minds Free Lines Part II

As for the transition from everything dark and gloomy, i.e. emo, drama, suicide, death etc., to a more light hearted blog, I have written about it in this entry:

Time for a New Template of Light, Bright, and White

Layout and design

In relation to the previous article listed, Free Minds Free Lines have also evolved from a site with a dark, gloomy, and depressing theme to a light, cheerful, and positive one. There are also minimal changes on the positioning of the sidebar which I have just updated in time for New Year.

Number of blog entries

As for blog entries, 2011 saw more updates than ever despite a busy schedule – while still working on a call center and now while freelance writing online. I’ve resolved to write more for the year 2012.

Page Views

This blog has surpassed the 15,000 page views mark since it started back in 2009 with a majority of the views recorded for 2011. These views, as listed under the Blogger Dashboard Stats section were mainly from readers in the U.S. and the Philippines, respectively in the top spots. Other countries with high percentage views also include Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Canada. The blog saw a rise in readers from Malaysia and Indonesia due to budding connections I now have with some local bloggers out there.

Aside from these, there are other analytical information which can be found on the statistics area. Some of which include sources, referring URLs, referring sites, most search keywords, and page views based on browsers used as well as operating systems.

Top Keywords

Speaking of keywords, I actually recorded keywords which land the blog or blog entry a first page rank over Google, I even wrote about some of them on this entry:

Soon after, I logged all keyword searches based on the results displayed by Feedjit, one of the widgets installed in this blog. I eventually disposed of it knowing that search engine ranking is based on a fickle and ever changing set of algorithm. So borrowing that Heidi Klum line from Project Runway, “one moment you’re in, the next day you’re out…” Of all documented keywords though, apparently the most successful is still “think like an emo” and “maria ozawa” related keywords with the latter still on the top ranks consistently for the past 6 months. As for where these keywords are searched, most of which are referred by Google but there were also searches referred by Yahoo, particularly Yahoo Blog.

Popular Posts

These are the top ten posts for the year (although some of which were posted before the 2011):

Think Like an Emo

Maria Ozawa, the Nymphomaniac, and Sexual Activity

Old Poems Part 2 PART II: Love in Bliss and in Pain & PART III: Listen to Whispers of Hope

2011 is a Year of Movie Sequels

Google Search Page 1 Rank for Some Posts

Typhoon Sendong Aftermath: Points to Ponder Upon

50’s Diner Photos, Menu, Prices, Location, Thoughts, and Memories is Not a Scam and What to do to Avoid Being Scammed

The Dilemma of Being Deleted

Of Death and Suicide and Other Old Posts Dug from the Grave of Some Websites

What’s for 2012

After domain name registration, Free Minds Free Lines is targeting more links. Sharing a web secret which other bloggers probably won’t share, links are important aspects for search engines to rank a site. I plan to plant more quality links for this blog this year, 2012. I actually have been doing so already but most of the sites are the same and I don’t want to end up becoming a spammer. My personal efforts are real slow as well. There is a need to diversify the source of the links as well as choose only quality links. I may talk about links more in the coming entries. For now, let me refer you to an article over which introduces you to links in general: Link Building is the Solution You Need .

It is no doubt that the top sites have hundreds of backlinks created for them. In fact, the number one site in has over 400 links as per In other words, not buying links means plummeting down search engine ranks and losing traffic as well as views.

Aside from links, I hope to update the blog more often too. If possible, on a daily basis (I highly doubt this though :). Above all, Free Minds Free Lines will be sharing more of trade secrets to give back to the community as I’ve mentioned earlier. So that's it for this blog for 2011

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