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My List of New Year Resolutions and the Best Things from the Year that Was

(This entry is a pre-New Year and a post-Christmas post (see the previous post for the other post-Christmas entry); it’s not about a list of New Year resolutions though but will talk about other relevant thoughts after Christmas and before New Year.)

I don’t recall ever writing any  New Year resolutions anyway. I simply don’t believe in the essence of doing such. Most of what’s written are superficial anyway and will not be achieved and if it does get achieved, it’s only during the initial stage and will eventually be forgotten over time. I also believe that resolutions need not be written and should rather be lived instead. We can choose to change for the better or achieve goals anytime of the year. It doesn’t have to be done for each upcoming year alone.

The pre-New Year period can also be spent pondering upon everything brought about by the year that was. Television channels and websites are often featuring year end specials counting down the best of what not for the past year. Why not do the same for yourself?

If I write my own, here’s what I can come up with:

10 - Left the 9 to 5 kind of job.

9 – No more irregular sleeping habits due to irregular work schedule.

8 – Enjoying freelancing more than ever and earning more from it.

7 – Introduction to the potential benefits of a passive income online.

6 – Extended options online beyond freelance writing – i.e. affiliate marketing, link building, etc. 

5 – Letting go of an extravagant lifestyle. 

4 – Change of priorities to more worthwhile things.

3 – Planning ahead now. Great things coming up! Hopefully, my own team soon.

2 – Spending more time with family. 

1 – Forgiving someone who trespassed greatly.

What about you? What top 10 things are the best for the year for you?

Top 10 Things Explained

Most of the things I wrote about are pretty much self-explanatory. I just wanted to explain some of them a little bit. In relation to my previous work, I have no plans to actually leave had I not been implicated in some drama. I love everyone I worked with and they are the reasons why I stayed for almost two years. I left because of the drama. I’m over drama now and I enjoy every moment of bliss.

list of New Year resolutions

The item on number one is technically not my personal best. I just thought it fits the top spot as it is not something which can be done everyday. It’s something to do with a sort of family member. I actually hated him since he came around the picture about 20 years ago. I made all attempts to force him to leave or my mom to send him out. Neither works. So time went by and we were used to him being around. Either it doesn’t matter anymore or we genuinely started to accept him as a part of the family already.

But the past few months had been nothing but troubled ocean waves. I sometimes think my presence at home started it all. Nonetheless, it’s no reason for anyone to secretly stab another behind the back. He was making a fool out of everybody. Expenses left and right for non-existent reasons abound, until we found out that it was all his doing.

So he was finally thrown out as I ever wanted when I was a kid. I thought I will be jubilant about it but I wasn’t. We all decided as siblings to welcome him back. It was even my mom who was difficult to urge. He was hesitant too. I don’t know if it was because he was ashamed of what he did or if he was full of pride still. To cut it shorter now, he’s back. We had a Christmas with neighbors. We serve food for everyone.

So there goes my musings on a post-Christmas and pre-New Year. What about you? What are your thoughts? Do you have a list of New Year resolutions?

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