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Being Able to Write Different Types of Writing Genres

different types of writing genres
Being able to write different types of writing genres is great. But what to write about is not something I’d be interested with. Just to be able to write is already self accomplishing. I even mentioned before that I can write for free. Writing and music are two things I can call my own.

Reading is still something I enjoy despite the lack of time to do so and the issue with keeping hard bound copies. I’d still want to read if I get the chance. Same goes with movies and T.V. shows. No time to keep up with series’ timeslots and finish a lineup of rented movie discs but I’d enjoy a lazy day with these whenever I have the chance to do so. I’d watch a season or all for a span of a few weeks in between other responsibilities. A visit to the movie house for a worthwhile flick title can also be done.

Music and writing are the primary components of my so called soul though. The other two are minor parts only. On music, be it mine or someone else, is something which heals the soul as one song says so a few years ago. So I let music be a channel of positivity when everything else around me crashes down. It is an effective means of release when depressed and full of angst.

On writing, even if I can't really write all types of genre and even if I am often compounded with unfinished work most of the time, I experience the same healing and emotional expression I get from music. Not to mention artistic creativity. Yet what to write about may not always mirror our thoughts. I've seen it with web content writing. There are better ways to earn money online than this but it’s the writing part that made me enjoy it. Even if topics are often difficult and something I really have no idea about, I still get to be creative in the final draft of how the words are organized into an article. Thanks to Google (a best friend), even unbelievably non-existing topics are explained.

So I end this write-up with the hopes of more contents to write about. Who knows, you or I may read some of them in random websites online one time?! For now, being able to write different genres of writing will be something I'd like to accomplish soon. #

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