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Status Quo Power? Para Quien?!

The status quo power is not about having it all in terms of looks, money, success, etc. This is about having one when you don't have the rest. I am rarely worried about anything superficial but it is definitely a plus when you possess at least one, all the more all of such attributes be it only temporal and eventually fades.

As usual, I write as wordy as I can ever be but the bottom line here is I am talking about a specific person who symbolizes everyone like him. First off, to mention looks, he is already definitely not one who has it. We don't care about the material side and whatever he owns and does not own. Certainly, we don't give a damn about his status at work because not all bosses are power trippers. A lot are actually approachable and humble at that.

See, this had been another pending work and the “People Always Leave” drama had been dedicated not only to those three supervisors but to more than twenty team mates, wave mates, and acquaintances at work who have come and gone and their influence and legacy are definitely not trivial. Anyway, back to what this is all about, regardless of whatever B.S. they feed us with that "...when we are marked down with bad scores it is for the benefit of our learning experience at work.." and they are just doing their job, still remains the fact that we are pulled down.

Sure, I follow first before I complain but I complain because I don’t understand the point in following a pointless rule. I do not ask for explanations except when I do ask one. I learn and there is always tomorrow if not the next month to catch up, if there is actually ever a tomorrow or the next month.

Right, I still learn from them even if I know this labyrinth without the need for a thread like Theseus did, being one who actually answers a call and not  someone who simply listens to it. True, it’s only their job and they get death threats everyday because of such a job. But at times, I’d think that they do not pull down friends of theirs or that people who do become friends of theirs are probably faking it so as not to be pulled down. That's the misleading status quo power right there!

Not to be overly general though, I’m sure there are those who genuinely have real friends they listen to and may even mark down in scores because it is their job. The same friends may understand the point as well and learns from it. All the pointers I’ve labeled as B.S. earlier may have truth attached to them and being marked down may have an accompanying benefit (yeah right, I still don’t believe this status quo power sh*t!).

I almost forgot what this is all about. This is about at least having one if not all when it comes to power. So if you do not have the looks and the money, at least have a good character. We have named this guy with all sorts of funny names because he already lacks the first two, and yet he has this ego on top of all. To conclude, I hope he realizes that the status quo power in this line of work is something we do not care about. “We can always find another job, can’t we?” I quote from someone else at par with his level at work. 

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