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Pressing Pressure From All Sides

Pressing pressure
Pressing pressure from all sides is on me that I cannot sleep and drinking seems like a reliable companion. So I here write about pressure and sleeplessness and drinking.

I imagine myself like a potato being mashed to pieces that although I love the food, this kind of mashed potato is unappetizing. Literally, you are still the same person but you are transformed into something you may not want to be for other people's consumption. They are satisfied and full but you are used up and empty.

Since I have this habit of pending saved work, especially writing, I do not even remember what or who it was I had in mind when I was writing this. What I do know is that this is often pressing pressure from work; the need to maintain company specified measurements; the need to perform for personal pride (or ego sometimes); and the need to excel and earn as much as can be possibly earned. All these can be summed up into this: staying power! You are appraised before you deliver the numbers, you gain pride due to employment tenureship, and alongside you pocket increasing salary.

I did say from all sides though which means this pressing pressure is not merely from work. Pressing pressure is individually felt and comes from every category in life: school, work (again), family, peers, and how will I ever fail to mention a special relationship (if any)? I’ve been there when grades and outside curricular interests clash. They say time management does the trick. When there is no time, make time or lessen activities to what your given time can accomplish.

Still on work, whatever type of job it may be- people skills may do the trick. Training about it comes from other people. We learn the tricks of the trade we are involved with. This has to be accompanied by the will to learn of course which is a character formed over time.

Family has a very important role in the formation of such character. They are a reliable support system when we need guidance and support for whatever endeavors. Not too much though, for every single decision cannot be dictated by anyone. A great advice is best appreciated when individuality is not compromised. This is why free will was designed; so we decide and make mistakes and learn from them.

This same principle applies to peer pressure. If identical twins can be different from each other for one or more reasons, then conformity is not a friend. As also mentioned, individuality makes us unique and special from one another. In a special relationship, whether married or not it still revolves around individuality and free will. The so called union wherewith a couple is one even in decision making only means there is communication between them. They get to express even differing opinion to each other. A choice is made with a democratic vote. If either party always wins, it is no more than an authoritarian form of government.

Since I mentioned lack of sleep, it is nothing new. Sleeplessness had been a friend since high school where I’d stay up all night reading, writing, watching movies and shows, and listening to music. The drinking had only been learned about four years ago. I wish I could have known about it even earlier. Not only to battle pressing pressure but all kinds of negative vibes: mental, emotional, and etc. I don’t smoke but on top of these two, I’d appreciate junk, especially one which helps you sleep. To end, let me just leave these lines from an emotional song as a conclusion, “…his girl took a weeks worth of Valium and slept…” 

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