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Overflowing Stream Of Thoughts

Creativity knows no age, so it's certainly not maturity which made me become less artistic, it was definitely something else. I may have placed the blame to what I so-call "personality sucker" but it is still I who have forgotten about me: who I am, what I do, and what I want.

As I stare at this monitor and strike the keys of this keyboard, I can't help but let the stream of thoughts flow. It's feels like an overpowering emotion that I can't seem to control. My thoughts are filled with everything I have safely hidden within the solace of my self-built walls. I want to simply voice them out in pen and paper or say notepad and keyboard in this case ;). I cannot control myself but this lack of power is liberating in that I feel I am free to jump over a cliff and free fall like one Asian movie I've so loved before. So let me go on and write all that I may want to write and pour my  stream of thoughts open till there is nothing more to think of or at least till I get sleepy. #

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