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What Ifs Questions in Life

What Ifs Questions
Be it called hard-hardheadedness or be I named full of pride, but I believe if one decides to do something that he or she regrets eventually, it is still better to just stand up for it and face the consequences rather than whine everyday reminiscing what may have been and pondering upon the what ifs questions in life.

I do not refer to love stories which end up wasted by impulsive decisions from either or both parties, but as always, it is the best example for all the lessons there is to learn in life. I'm sure everyone has stories to tell about love forgotten and forgotten love. I, too have many episodes in life and love which as much as I regret, I will prefer to simply accept things as they are and be fully responsible for them. I may during weak moments, imagine the "what ifs" in life, but at the end of the day, truth remains: all is one and done; and all that is done cannot be undone. So it's best to let the what ifs questions in life go.#


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  2. Thank you for dropping by. I believed I dropped a note in your site way back then.


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