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Play Private Lives

When you live numerous lives, of which some are very private to even admit, it is not something to be exhilarated about as some Pippa Lee of an upcoming movie would have viewed it whether in secret or otherwise. Yes, true indeed that when one is exalted in life from being boring to being exciting you are overjoyed and what not but if in order to achieve it you throw away all things valuable in life, then I'd say it's not worth it.

The rule of the matter is that everything has to come from something else. The same applies for all things you ask for. There will be consequences to all actions you take. So before you jump into the water make sure you are prepared for the waves, the depth, the wind blowing you farther away; otherwise, you drown. So before you dream of becoming someone else other than what you are, be ready for broken bones and skinned knees. That's what you get when you play private lives. #

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