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Emotional Management Techniques: Online Blog

emotional management techniques

I use my blog as one of the emotional management techniques I know of. 

This is my online junk shop, garbage truck, dumpster, trash can, and everything else you want to call it. Herewith I dispose all emotional, mental, and social wastes of my life. But like all computers with recycle bins, I keep a copy of these to ponder upon them. I may delete them completely in the future, but not before I have benefited from all the lessons there is to learn from them.

Incidentally there was a local blog with the term “recycle bin” on its title. I cannot speak for the person who wrote it. But as for me, I will keep this blog as a personal recycle bin of all thoughts and ideas which keeps me awake at night and makes me crazier than I already am.

So how about you, what are the emotional management techniques you use?

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